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01 October 2011

Parklife Sydney Lineup, by Greg Tingle - 1st October 2011

An impressive line-up for the summer festival season kick-off music festival Parklife.

Young, fresh, homegrown talent, coupled with international superstars have resulted in a dynamic and great range of female artists to headline this year.

One of Sydney’s fastest rising alternative electronic, indie artists, Elizabeth Rose, is making her festival debut at just 20 years of age, after a record label nominated her for the playing honour. The songwriter - producer has independently produced her own EP in her home studio.

"People think it’s really funny that I write everything in there because it’s really small," said Rose (Maniscalco).

"I’ve always been really independent; it’s just part of my nature. Producing on my own makes me feel like I’m achieving something here. I can present my work and know I’ve put some hard work in it."

Popular radio statinos, FBi radio and Triple J, have showcased her recent tracks Crystallise - a chilled out groove with soft, earnest vocals - and retro updated Throw me to the Stars, which have appeared in the top 10 on Triple J Electronic charts.

Besides fresh music for her set at Parklife, festival visitors will be amazed by Rose’s outfit which she is designing especially for her Parklife performance.

"It’s a big deal and I want to really perform and have crazy outfits." Seeing as she studied fashion at TAFE after school, the outfit is sure to be a big hit.

Parklife Blurb...

Parklife is a labour of love that started as a very small party in a park in March of 2000. We did it because we wanted to share the music we love with other like-minded people in a beautiful outdoor setting close to the centre of the city… and although it’s grown just a bit over the last 11 years the idea is exactly the same: Music we love, smiling people and a great party amongst grass, trees and (hopefully!) brilliant blue skies, right in the heart of the city.

Each year we do our very best to bring you the freshest bunch of artists in styles of music we think matter the most right now, constantly refine and improve everything about the show and give you a high quality Parklife experience. We want Parklife to be a brilliant, glowing day you and your best friends look back on fondly for the rest of your lives!


Sunday 2nd October
Midday - 10pm
Kippax Lake, Moore Park,




AUSTRALIA. 9 September 2011: In time for their upcoming 2011 shows, Parklife organisers have released the world’s most ridiculously expensive one-day ticket, retailing at a whopping AU $7,000!

Fuzzy Events’ John Wall comments, “We just read a report saying festival ticket prices have been rising. Having kept a lid on Parklife ticket pricing, we are shocked to find that we haven't been part of this apparently industry-wide trend. Always keen to stay ahead of the market, we've decided to make up for lost time (and raise money for charity) by releasing the world's most expensive festival ticket. That's right, the new Ridiculously Expensive Ticket has arrived!”
Featuring a slip-and-slide entry, personal drinks caddie, artist cabin, and portable VIP area, the profits of the Ridiculously Expensive Ticket will go to the (not very ridiculous) charity, Heaps Decent - an initiative committed to nurturing the creativity of underprivileged and Indigenous young people and emerging artists.

The winning features were voted by Parklife’s 50,000 strong Facebook group via a daily poll and battled it out against other ridiculous ticket options, such as sedan chair Egyptian-style transportation around the festival, an iPad VVVVIP lanyard, a personal publicist and a personal stylist. Due to an overwhelming response (around 25,000 impressions per question and over 1,500 total votes), Fuzzy decided to package together the most popular features, as voted for by fans.
Available in a very limited quantity - exactly one (yes 1) is up for grabs, the Ridiculously Expensive Ticket will offer the ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime music experience for those with some serious cash to burn and allows access to all the fantastic benefits the cheekily named More Expensive Ticket has to offer, such as access to the exclusive Garden Bar which features a cocktail bar, viewing platform, VIP toilets, concierge with phone charging, cloakroom, information service, canap├ęs, massages and more.

The Ridiculously Expensive Ticket will be available for the Parklife shows in Melbourne (Saturday 24th September), Perth (Sunday 25th September), Brisbane (Saturday 1st October),
Sydney (Sunday 2nd October), and Adelaide (Monday 3rd October), and will include:

Slip-and-slide festival entry
A personal drinks caddie (no more queuing)
An “artist” cabin backstage with personal rider demands
Portable VIP area with security entourage
“Coming to America” style sedan chair transport
Side of stage performance viewings
Bespoke cocktail named in the purchaser’s honour and offered for sale on the day
Personal welcome messages main stage video screen
Adventure featured on the Parklife website

Access to all of the More Expensive Ticket* benefits + 10 x MET’s for friends and/or lackies
Fuzzy Events’ John Wall comments, “It was never our intention to actually sell a Ridiculously Expensive Ticket, but due to the overwhelming response we had on Facebook, we decided to turn these crazy requests into reality...and help a good cause at the same time. Our More Expensive Ticket is already a huge hit with visitors to Parklife looking for that something extra. Now we’ve created a once-in-a-lifetime Parklife experience, the profits from which will help a fantastic charity that we’ve supported for some years now.”

By providing resources and opportunities, Heaps Decent supports the development of high quality Australian music with a unique identity. Fuzzy have been supporting Heaps Decent through cash donations, in kind administration support as well as partnering the Cash for Comp scheme since 2008. Over the last two years Heaps Decent has been able to raise over $100,000 by asking Fuzzy Guest ticket holders to donate at the gate to Fuzzy Festivals and events. The funding has allowed the organisation to grow at an exponential rate providing workshops to more than five times the numbers of young people pre-Fuzzy.

The Ridiculously Expensive Ticket joins the standard ticket and More Expensive Ticket offerings and is available now at Direct link:



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