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25 October 2011

Australia's Next Top Model Buzz Builds At Opera House - 25th October 2011


Australia's Next Top Model Sarah Murdoch Australia

What a wonderful season of Australia's Next Top Model it has been, so credit to Rupert Murdoch and his Fox where credit is due.

It all started with 100 would be models, and we are now down to the final three...Montana, Liz and Simone.

There's little doubt that all will do well in the modelling industry now, thanks to all the publicity and training, but there can only be one (official) winner. Maybe it will end up like the finals of Australian Idol where 2nd place can sometimes be the ultimate winner in the industry, long after the TV cameras have topped broadcasting.

Montana Cox, of Melbourne, is the favorite and the modelling industry has her as the hot tip.

A fashion designer was prepared to go on record that he's not only hire the clotheshorse for his catwalk but...but open his show with her.

Liz Braithwaite from Brisbane has overcome many personal challanges has snatched the public's underdog vote.

Wollongong's Simone Holtznagel also has a very good chance of winning, so it would seem.

We will all know in a few short hours.

The one-hour special airs on Foxtel's Fox 8 at 7.30pm tonight.


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