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07 October 2011

Hilton Surfers Paradise Catches 'Extreme Cabaret' fever - 6th October 2011


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The Gold Coast community has spoken and has caught 'extreme cabaret' fever, as made famous in 'Sin City' Sydney.

Throw away prohibition. It's just about anything and everything carny (carnival) that's still legal. Call it vice like if you will!

Human Statue Bodyart dished up hot cabaret with an unmistakable 'Moulin Rouge' flavour. Tonight blue and red was in vogue, and had never looked better (or sexier).

Fantasy goes hand in hand with cabaret and one patron was overheard "Blue and red... that would be something in bed".

Cabaret lovers that got wind of rumours re 'Extreme Cabaret' fever hitting other parts of the Asia Pacific region (or ring), if you prefer, were right on the money.

'Extreme Cabaret' has apparently shaken things up at Surfers Paradise and upped the ante for both the local and tourist entertainment dollar, with Jupiter's Hotel and Casino, and Palazzo Versace tipped to react to the hot new "fever" to hit their side of town.

Human Statue Bodyart may have access to hundreds of performers and models, but tonight it was the lovely Ashlie Callow strutting her stuff. Tonight she was made up in a 70's style cabaret - burlesque like red and blue feathered number, with headpiece feathers fit for a queen. Ms Callow epitomised tease, burlesque, titillation, sexiness and all sorts of other treats.

We're heard Hilton Surfers Paradise picked up (no pun intended) addition patrons, most of which enjoy a good drink (and tease).

Snatch the opportunity to do 'The Goldy' like it should be done. Grab you're spanking partner and enquiry with Hilton Surfer's as to when the 'extreme cabaret' is likely to be back.

Cure or not, cabaret fever has hit Hilton, and Surfers's entertainment lovers appear ready to take in as much as is on offer.

*photography by Eva Rinaldi Photography

*artistic creations by Human Statue Bodyart


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