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14 October 2011

Western Sydney Awards In Business Excellence Gets Bodypaint, by Eva Rinaldi - 13th October 2011


Eva Rinaldi Sydney Australia

Today hundreds of Western Sydney based business people attended the annual Western Sydney Awards In Business Excellence to celebrate their successes.

The venue was the impressive Waterview Convention Center, located in Bicentennial Park.

We were surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, lakes and ponds.

My company, Human Statue BodyArt, was contracted by the Parramatta based Gyrate agency to deliver a human statue model bodypainted in the official colours of this years business awards - light blue, dark blue and white. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words, so be sure to check out the photographs of our creation here.

Our model for the day was the delightful Anastasiya Bakss and I was assisted by talented bodypainter Tony Cantali.

The end result of our creation was a human statue that complimented the awards theme, and one that tuned heads, raised eyebrows, and became quite the conversation piece as the otherwise rather conservative business people present got a close up look at bodypainting with a branding tie in, complete with an exhibition component.

Our friends at Fairfax Media (The Parramatta Sun) were also present. Stay tuned for a complete list of awards winners, but its safe to say that anyone who witnessed our bodypainted creation today also felt like a winner.

The organisers were delighted with the way everything went, and we're looking forward to continuing to work and collaborating with them again very shortly.

Business should incorporate fun, and we're glad to have done our modest little bit to tantalise and delight today.


Human Statue BodyArt

NSW Government - Premier & Cabinet Office

Waterview In Bicentennial Park

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