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13 April 2012

Human Statue Bodyart Gold Statue Facilitates Golden Product Showcase Event For Alloys I.T In Sydney


Human Statue Bodyart Brands Marketing Publicity

The Alloys I.T and print and imaging distributor company based in Sydney's North Ryde is the lastest technology based company to stand out from the pack using human statues at their yearly showcase event.

I.T and print imaging distribution may sound moderately sexy, but with the addition of a golden painted and decorated human statue, their moderatly sexy event came to life and achieved a real wow factor.

The human statue model mingled with management, distributors and other events, showing off the various impressive information products and services on display.

Alloy's is commited to maintianing their position as one of Australia's most innovate and customer / distributor focussed I.T companies, and their use of a human state model and campaign demonstrates their leadership and mindset to not just be average and one of the pack - but rather to stand out from the pack, showing innovation, daring and creativity.

The statue campaign was effective as it helped attract more a list attendees, positive press, as well as generating positive buzz for the firm in the Australian I.T and distribution industry.

Alloy's continues to innovate in an ultra impressive fashion - be it with products, services, or with outside the box media and marketing campaigns. As their trademark saying goes - "The non traditional distributor".



Human Statue Bodyart

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Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

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