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10 April 2012

Hollywood And International Celebrities, Movie Stars Hit Sydney, Australia; Airport Fun And Games

Hollywood And International Celebrities, Movie Stars Hit Sydney, Australia; Airport Fun And Games; One Direction, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Zac Efron...


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If you think "Sin City" Sydney has been a bit of a celebrity and media circus lately - you're right, and tonight a few celebs appropriately turned up at the circus like Luna Park for a bit of media war fun and games! Sydney Airport has also been circus like over the past 24 hours we have observed through our lens and media spy network. Splash News, Snapper, TMZ, OMG, the Media Man agency - everyone is jockeying for position and exclusive news scoops.

Australian fans upset as One Direction away at airport...

Hundreds of teenage girls have been left broken-hearted after British boy band One Direction landed at Sydney Airport and left through a back door.

Some fans had camped overnight while others arrived before sunrise to catch a glimpse of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson ahead of their sold-out tour of Australia.

But the group was whisked away through a back door and into a waiting car - an old trick, but a goodie.

One Direction has become an overnight pop sensation with sales of more than 4.2 million albums in six months since forming on Britain's version of The X Factor.

Sydney Airport enjoyed fans cheering and singing One Direction songs, including Up All Night and What Makes You Beautiful.

"They are the most amazing group of five boys that you'll ever meet," said one teary fan.

"They have amazing voices and great personalities and beautiful faces."

One Direction's sold-out tour starts in Sydney on Friday. Be ready for chaos and lots of loud screams.

Sydney Casino Club Dancer 'sacked' for dancing too close to Paris Hilton...

A professional dancer claims she was sacked for dancing "inappropriately" on a podium next to Paris Hilton at the new Marquee nightclub in Sydney.

Tahnee Chapman, 25, said she was dancing at the nightclub with three other girls last Saturday night when Hilton joined them.

Ms Chapman danced next to her and was reportedly getting close to the star.

"The only reason I danced next to her was because there was no room. I was actually looking out for her because her heel kept slipping on the edge," she told the Sunday Telegraph.

"I wasn't being provocative. My style is described at sultry. It involves grinding and moving — I was shaking my bum a bit and my costume had tassels on it."

Originally from Rockhampton in Queensland, Ms Chapman had moved to Sydney to pursue a modelling career and was excited to be offered the chance to perform at Marquee.

Her friend Clare McCann, who runs Elite Podium Dancers, got her the gig.

Ms Chapman said Ms McCann texted her about her behaviour after the event.

"I'm pretty annoyed you didn't realise how inappropriate this is not to mention giving out your number and getting on the podium with Paris Hilton and reportedly shaking your ass in front of her," she claimed the text message read.

Ms McCann has denied Ms Chapman's claims, saying she was never sacked because she was on a contract and never received fulltime work before she "failed to perform her job description".

"She was never texted about nor told that Paris Hilton was upset about her jumping on the podium and this allegation is completely false," she was quoted by Rupert Murdoch's Sunday Telegraph.

Ms Chapman said she did not hold a grudge against Hilton but felt the incident may affect her career.

"I don't hate her but I feel that if I can't keep a job because Paris Hilton is jealous of me when what hope do I have of keeping a normal one?" she said.

Sydney, Australia Gets Loads Of Hollywood Celebs...

It's red carpet premieres, concerts and lots of celeb spotting...

One Direction were snuck through Sydney International Airport which left some fans in tears.

Fellow Park Hyatt guest Tony Bennett, an acclaimed painter when he is not exercising those golden tonsils, chose to paint Sydney Harbour on canvas.

Rihanna snatched lots of attention when she ventured out on her balcony, while her Battleship co-star Brooklyn Decker took in the sun.

Last night Zac Efron did the red carpet at the Bondi Junction premiere for his latest movie The Lucky One.

Rihanna is doing BattleShip at Luna Park tonight and may catch up with old ex Chris Brown, who we understand heads up Supafest - despite rumours of some artists been falsely advertised for the music festival.

One Direction is tipped to turn Martin Place into chaos tomorrow when they hit the Seven Sunrise stage.

The appearance at Martin Place is costing Channel 7 in the region of $15,000 in beefed-up security, with the cast and crew of Sunrise bracing for an scrum of young fans, who have bombarded the network demanding information on the group's Sydney itinerary.

And a planned appearance by the group at a private Austereo event, originally slated for the radio network's Goulburn St headquarters, has been moved to a secret location, at a cost of thousands, due to security concerns.

It's understood the visit, held in the first week of NSW school holidays, has been deliberately shrouded in secrecy as security concerns for the five band members increases.

Just imagine what drama is going to hit Sydney if or when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or Leonardo DiCaprio come to Sydney later this year!

That's it movie and music fans. Stay tuned to Media Man and Street Corner for more entertainment news and scoops daily.


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