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15 June 2011

Wrestling News Media: Jim Ross Website Update: Tuesday Ramblings..RAW Thoughts...UFC..Strikeforce..'Death Clutch'..Store Still TEMPORARILY Closed.


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Thanks for stopping by for a quick hitting portion of Tuesday Ramblings.....

Watching Monday Night Raw from Norman brought back lots of memories of the Nassau Coliseum. Great arena with lots of WWE heritage plus when I lived in Connecticut it was a Raw that did not necessitate an airplane ride. Long Island is a beautiful part of the northeast and I wish I had spent some time out there while I was stationed in the Nutmeg State.

Both former WWE alums Mick Foley and Taz call that part of the world home.

Raw thoughts:

@steveaustinBSR and @R_Roddy_Piper were the two highlights for this old schooler on Monday's Raw. They both know how to fully command an audience and still have 'it.'

Austin can be so intense that it bleeds through the TV screen. His Clint Eastwood-esque delivered line to CM Punk...."punk" was golden. @CMPunk and Austin have excellent on screen chemistry and back in the day they would have had a helluva run. Nothing but money.

R Truth' s professional career has never been more elevated. He fits the role that he's in well and it would not shock me to see, by hook or crook, R Truth upset @JohnCena this Sunday on PPV to win the WWE Title. Long shot? Perhaps....but stranger things have occurred on a WWE PPV and no one can argue that a Truth title win wouldn't 're-shuffle the deck.'

@MikeTheMiz is so easy to dislike which is a marketable necessity for any villain. Guys that can talk as well as Miz, who I Tweeted reminded me of a male Kardashian, are essentially Teflon coated. Essentially no matter what occurs in the ring, more often than not, they are right back to where they need to be when provided the opportunity to speak.

Austin's mic work with Miz, Vickie Guerrero, and CM Punk were three of the most memorable moments of the three hour Raw.

BTW Vickie is looking great and her change in diet and exercise are working for her.

Ever notice how stunning Alicia Fox is especially when watching the Anti Bullying promos that aired within Raw? She's a very nice young lady with a main event look that could take her beyond the squared circle.

Thought Booker T had his best nite to date at the announce table with King and Cole. Way to go Book! Announcing live TV for WWE isn't an easy job especially when one is 'green' in that area and have had little or no formal training or ample practice. did a list of WWE's top 25 managers. These lists always encourage plenty of debate. It isn't the list that I would have complied but I enjoyed the feature. Check it out at Leaving off Gary Hart and JJ Dillon made no sense until it was made clear that the list was for WWE alums only. I do agree that Bobby Heenan is a clear cut #1 and is miles ahead of the competition. 'The Brain' is THE BEST MANAGER EVER for my money. Bobby is still battling health issues and I think about him every day. Keep 'The Wease' in your prayers.

One of my pet peeves over the years is showing a wrestler "Running to the ring" as many grapplers have had knee issues, etc and don't run well. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the Big Show moved when he ran to the ring Monday night. The big guy is dropping pounds and let's not forget that he was a former collegiate basketball player where running is a big part of the game.

We received a ton of Tweets @JRsBBQ and emails to this site about Long Island's Zach Ryder not being on Monday Night Raw from his 'home town.' Not exactly sure what it was that some thought I could do about it but they vented nonetheless. Lighten Up, Francis.

@RealKevinNash defended his wife against a drunk dude with a beer bottle in hand and it was Kevin who got arrested and where it was made to look like a big deal by TMZ. Must have been a slow news day. Kevin protecting his wife isn't a crime the last I looked and it sounds as if the police over reacted. When Kevin told me this story last week, I never dreamed that it would actually become national gossip/news. I'd love to do a sit down DVD interview w/ 'Big Sexy' about his career.

Emailers.....Our Restaurant is CLOSED and has been for over a year. We still get fans emailing us wanting to come by and eat and say hello. Sorry we can't accommodate.

Upon reading @brocklesnarDC and @HeymanHustle 'Death Clutch' again it seems that, simply put, the reason for Brock Lesnar's premature departure from WWE was a gross lack of communication. Again, wrestling fans in particular will enjoy this quick read, I read it in less than three hours but for the anal media I don't have an EXACT time, as Lesnar was always somewhat private and this book gives those that have been fans of 'The Next Big Thing' in WWE or UFC a peek behind his well positioned curtain. It's obvious if Lesnar's schedule had been managed more efficiently by all involved that there's a good chance that Brock might not have ever left WWE but that's purely speculation and certainly no guarantee. Bottom line is that Lesnar got into a line of work that fits his personality and his skill set famously and I for one hope that he kicks diverticulitis ass and can resume his UFC career in 2012.

For the record, with Junior Dos Santos or Cain Velásquez being the UFC heavyweight champion in all likelihood upon Brock's return, hope the monster from Minnesota will sharpen his striking defense skills as JDS and Cain are deadly with their hands.

I would also like to see a fight when Lesnar returns against Frank Mir as it would be their 'rubber match' and the two men don't like each other whatsoever which would add to the imperative, personal issue a bout needs especially when there is no title at stake. Doesn't seem logical that Brock's first fight back in UFC be against Velásquez or Dos Santos.

If the State of New York doesn't fully license/sanction UFC in their state then the whole, damn crew of Empire State politicos are "Wieners." What a no brainer it is to bring another revenue producing sport to America's #1 market and throughout the state.

Our trip down to Dallas this weekend to watch the Strikeforce show live is in the TBD category at this hour due to my surgery which is only hours away. If I don't or am not allowed to travel, I will certainly watch the event on TV Saturday night. Too bad Gina Carano couldn't get right and make her fight. Rumor has it she has 'weight issues' with which many of us can identify but also many of us aren't trying to make weight for a fight/payday.

With UFC buying Strikeforce, is the window of opportunity closing for female MMA fighters once the existing Strikeforce deals in place have been honored? I feel the female athletes are marketable over the long haul and if UFC bails on the gender someone else will likely give it a shot.

We are working to get all the internal tweaks done to re-open our store and will know more in a few days. Thanks for everyone's patience and support.

Follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ and I'll keep every one updated on what's going on this week as I can. However, there will be NO Tweeting while I'm attached to any sort of IV's. :)

Boomer Sooner!

J.R. (Credit: JR's Blog)

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