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07 June 2011

Crocodile tears flow for the rich kid who dropped his lolly bag, by Elizabeth Farrelly - 15th October 2009

*Media Man - Greg Tingle reference...

On the day of the Packer-book launch I came across three separate exhortations to laugh in the face of fear. Two, admittedly, were Buddhist-based but the third came as bravado. It was Simba, Lion-King-in-diapers, tossing his wannabe mane and declaring: "Danger? Huh! I laugh in the face of danger!", just before things start to go pear-shaped. He reminded me - well, obviously - of James Packer.

Suddenly we're all feeling sorry for wee Jamie. Maybe not all. I mean, maybe not David Leckie, after the public Packerooing that made him the main floor show at Sam Chisholm's Opera House transplant-party last week.

But others spring gallantly to the dauphin's defence. "It's tough being the son of the legend," says Greg Tingle, "even if you're a billionaire." Weep. Sniff. Daniel Petre says it's sad. "Sad and wrong … to see a father want to relegate the relationship with their son to build their own self-esteem."

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*Media Man director Greg Tingle owns shares in Crown Limited

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