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16 June 2011

Superhero Movies This Year: Thor, X-Men, Green Lantern, Batman and Iron-Man, by Greg Tingle - 16th June 2011


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We’re half way through the year and what a range of superhero movies we're already enjoyed – Thor and X-Men: First Class are now behind us, with Green Lantern and Captain America: The First Avenger coming up soon.

Surprisingly the vast majority of superhero movie releases have received positive reviews from both critics and fans, and the flicks are making money at the box office.

Thor hammered home in the box office and the 3D worked a charm.

X-Men: First Class is and interesting one. It wasn’t as terrible as many movie critics thought it may be, nor did it underperform as badly as many had expected, and don't forget - No Hugh Jackman as Wolverine this time around. It was the lowest opening of any of the X-Men movies to date, but considering the state that the franchise has been in since The Last Stand and Wolverine, the fact it made $40 million plus is impressive, and it only dropped about 60% in the second week.

Seems that any half decent superhero movies are doing to go well at the box office, and a number of them will also be adapted to games and other merchandise and money makers.

How's Green Lantern going to go I wonder. The funny green character with the ring and all. Doesn't have quite the same wow and pow factor as a Captain America, a Thor, a Hulk or a Batman, not to mention Iron-Man, if you get my point.

Captain America: The First Avenger is yet to be tested at the box office, but the PR and vibe is good, and the posters look out of this world.

You've got a pretty well-known lead actor, but one who hasn't done superhero flicks before.

This year has been Excelsior all the way for fans of superhero movies, but can Hollywood continue to deliver for the fans, beancounters and critics? You will just have to keep watching this space.

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