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25 June 2012

Wrestling News Media: Pro Wrestling News: WWE, TNA Wrestling, Wrestling Legends: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling...

Wrestling News Media: Pro Wrestling News: WWE, TNA Wrestling, Wrestling Legends: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Connection...

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Pro Wrestling News...

WWE RAW Ratings And News...

The June 18th WWE RAW Supershow scored a 3.40 cable rating with 4.97 million viewers. This is the best rating RAW has done since the day after WrestleMania 27.

In the segment breakdown, CM Punk and Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan and Kane lost 241,000 viewers from the opener that started strong. Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger lost 22,000 more viewers. The segment with Paul Heyman and Triple H gained 559,000 more viewers for a show-high 3.74 quarter rating.

Santino Marella vs. Alberto Del Rio lost 711,000 viewers. The segment with Heath Slater, Wendi Richter, Cyndi Lauper and Roddy Piper lost 12,000 more viewers. John Cena vs. David Otunga and John Laurinaitis in the main event gained 573,000 viewers to a 3.74 quarter rating.

WWE Bring it Back!: The Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection...

In the `80s, the Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection (R.W.C.) – an alliance between MTV’s wild, pop star Cyndi Lauper and the outrageous Superstars of WWE – propelled the squared circle into the upper stratosphere of pop-culture phenomenon. has been chomping at the bit to see the second coming of this movement ever since.

During the R.W.C. era, WWE Superstars appeared in numerous MTV videos, created two music albums of their own and even lent their personalities to an animated television series Hulk Hogan’s Rock 'n' Wresting. The impact of this unlikely partnership served as a catalyst to intense WWE ring rivalries and helped hurl the WWE Universe into mainstream popularity – adding to the media invasion that culminated with the very first WrestleMania from Madison Square Garden.

Who wouldn’t see the entertainment value in it happening all over again? Just picture the anarchy that would ensue from asking Superstars like WWE Champion CM Punk, Kane, Daniel Bryan and AJ to come together in song – in the style of the `80s "Land of a Thousand Dances."
Who wouldn’t want to see Maroon 5 square-off with Gym Class Heroes in a No Holds Barred Celebrity Music Match to become the first-ever Rock 'n' Wrestling Celebrity Champions? We’re talking more guitar assaults than the classic days of The Honky Tonk Man.

Perhaps the leader of the Cenation might even take a page from another WWE icon, once again embracing his freestyle roots for a new animated series: John Cena’s Rap 'n' Wrestling.

The benefits would be, by no means, one-sided. Although MTV has greatly evolved since the days of the R.W.C., it is long overdue for a dose of WWE. Imagine the “Situation” that could occur if WrestleMania alumni Snookie brought the powerful beauty of the entire Divas locker room to Jersey Shore.

Could the excruciating hijinks of Ridiculousness measure up to the absolute hilarity of Santino's YouTube web series Foreign Exchange? Imagine if All World's A.W. and The Prime Time Players took on Michael Cole and Booker T on The Challenge.

Moreover, if the R.W.C. did return, MTV might just start making more videos again. In the '80s, Cyndi Lauper set music television ablaze by putting WWE Hall of Famer Captain Lou Albano into a wall. Imagine if Big Show and his ironclad contract had been setting the curfew. Pink or Katy Perry might think that “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” However, it would take more than an arm bar to stop "The World’s Largest Father."

Music videos already took a big hit from last year's return of MTV’s resident critics Beavis and Butthead. Wait ‘til they get a load of the Pipebomb microphone of CM Punk, unleashing his special brand of musical tastes on Taylor Swift’s latest release.

No one can say for sure what effect that the revival of Rock 'n' Wrestling would have as a whole. But, whatever happened, there is no denying that it would be entertaining. (Credit: WWE)

'Rowdy' Roddy Piper Recalls Ghostly Encounter With Deceased WWE Wrestler...

WWE Hall of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper recalled his ghostly encounter with a deceased WWE wrestler during the Biography Channel's Saturday night airing of Celebrity Ghost Stories.

Roddy summarized his early days in the professional wrestling industry as a 22-year-old kid with no family. He met another 22-year-old kid, named Adrian Adonis, and they became best friends. He recalled angrily snapping at people, with led to Adrian calming him down and advising him to purchase a house. Adrian believed that a house purchase would give Piper the family life he desperately wanted. He did months later and found happiness.

Roddy, who faced Adrian before 93,173 spectators at WrestleMania III, lamented his death in a car accident. Adrian was killed on July 4, 1988 in Lewisporte, Newfoundland while riding in a minivan with fellow wrestlers William "Mike Kelly" Arko, Victor "Pat Kelly" Arko, and Dave "Wildman" McKigney. Adonis, McKigney, and Pat Kelly were killed when the driver, Mike Kelly, allegedly swerved in order to avoid hitting a moose and, blinded by the setting sun, inadvertedly drove into a lake. Mike Kelly survived, albeit with severe leg injuries.

Roddy said his daughter Ariel would later wake up in the middle of the night and scream because she saw a man in her bedroom. His son would see shadows and hear noises in an inexplicable manner.

One day when Roddy arrived home from a long road trip, his son Colt came running out of the residence screaming that there is a man inside. He storms inside, ready to confront the intruder when he notices that the logs from the fireplace had tumbled out and caught the carpet on fire. As he scrambled to extinguish the fire, he encountered the ghost of Adrian Adonis.

Adrian said "Hey Roddy" and then disappeared. Roddy stood still for a long time since he didn't want to leave the room. He became emotional while recalling this moment.

Roddy believes Adrian is looking out for him and his family in the house that he was encouraged to purchase. He says Adrian is his brother and that he would have never believed in ghosts had it not been for that encounter. (Wrestling Inc)

John Cena grants his 300th wish with Make-A-Wish...

When he’s not in the ring, John Cena has dedicated much of his free time to putting smiles on the faces of the WWE Universe, including kids from Make-A-Wish. The Superstar achieved an awe-inspiring milestone this week, granting his 300th wish to Jonathan Littman of Make-A-Wish. (PHOTOS)

“I thank Make-A Wish for making me such a part of the charity,” Cena told “It’s an honor to be requested that many times!”

Cena met Littman, 7, of Hop Bottom, Pa., Monday before Raw SuperShow, along with Jonathan’s parents, Charlie and Ruth.

“It was awesome!” Jonathan said about meeting his favorite WWE Superstar.

Then, Wednesday morning, the leader of the Cenation surprised the youngster on ABC’s “Good Morning America," since Jonathan’s wish is to meet Cena and also become a television star.

While Jonathan was interviewed by Sam Champion and Josh Elliot, Cena made his way through the crowd gathered in New York City’s Times Square to hang out with him once again.

The Cenation leader didn't come empty-handed. Cena asked the youngster to join him as his special guest in St. Louis on July 23 for Monday Night Raw's historic 1,000th episode. Jonathan happily accepted the invitation, then presented Cena with a handmade gift of his own - a star with a note on the back from him and his parents, thanking him for all the work he does.

"Because of your positive attitude and example, Jonny never gives up," it read. "Thank you, John Cena. You are one of Jonny's special stars."

The day didn't end when the cameras went off. Cena spent time after the show talking with Jonathan about everything going on in WWE. Jonathan also got a chance to do something he forgot on Monday, getting the former WWE Champion to sign his blue autograph book.

Jonathan's appearance on "Good Morning America" will also get him a reward he's very excited about: his Cub Scouts media badge.

Still, at the end of his time with the WWE Superstar, he was a little sad. Jonathan's mood picked up when he was reminded that he'd be seeing Cena again in just a few weeks for Raw 1,000.

Eight years and 300 wishes later, Cena says meeting each and every child with a life-threatening medical condition through the Make-A-Wish is a special event.

“It felt very good to accomplish the milestone of 300 wishes,” he explained. “In the same realm of Raw hitting its 1,000th episode, it truly is just a foundation. Today was a fantastic day, but no greater or less important than any other wish I’ve been able to be a part of.”

Cena granted his milestone 200th Wish in December 2010 – an achievement six years in the making. In 2009, Cena received the foundation's Chris Greicius Celebrity Award for his dedication to granting wishes. He also serves on Make-A-Wish's Wish Ambassador Council and assists in expanding wish-granting outreach across the United States. Overall, WWE has granted close to 4,000 wishes with Make-A-Wish in more than 25 years.

“That’s what’s special about what we do here in WWE. We offer excitement, we offer entertainment. We offer a positive atmosphere. To an everyday member of the WWE Universe, that is special when you’re a kid or a family that’s up against it,” Cena said.

“You can’t underestimate the power of positive thinking. It’s something as simple as that that maybe could get someone through a day.”

For more information about Make-A-Wish, visit Visit Jonathan's web site at

Wrestling companies square off in Nashville, USA court...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Lawyers for World Wrestling Entertainment have told a Nashville judge the company has not and will not use confidential information from rival Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

The pledge came during a hearing last week over a lawsuit TNA filed last month against pro wrestling giant - WWE, claiming WWE had obtained secret contract details in an attempt to poach TNA's wrestlers.

Attorneys for WWE told Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle that the company has not contacted any of TNA's contracted personnel. The attorneys also said WWE has returned the only copies of the confidential information to TNA.

Lyle dissolved a May 24 temporary restraining order against WWE that had prohibited it from using the information to solicit TNA wrestlers, but she made no ruling on the merits of the case. Another hearing will be July 12.

TNA, based in Nashville, claimed in the suit that WWE apparently had already tried to hire away veteran wrestler Ric Flair. According to the court record, WWE lawyers said the company "has no intention of doing so."

TNA alleged that one of its former employees, Brian Wittenstein, went to work for WWE and provided his new employer with contract details. WWE said he was fired when he gave them the information.

A TNA suit against Wittenstein is still pending.

Jerry McDevitt, an attorney for Connecticut-based WWE, said Tuesday the company will file clarifying details with the court. He said the latest order "speaks for itself."

Dixie Carter, president of TNA, said in a statement Tuesday that the company "will vigorously protect TNA and its brand from damage at the hands of any and all sources, no matter who is involved." TNA was founded by wrestler Jeff Jarrett.

WWE Legal Letter To TNA Legal Counsel...

WWE Attorney Jerry McDevitt recently sent a letter to TNA legal counsel Erika Blonquist. The letter was filed with the court last week and can be read below:

First, and as I advised you orally on the phone during our recent conference call, WWE has not solicited Ric Flair to leave TNA and enter into a contract with WWE. WWE has made no offer to Flair and has no intention of doing so.

Second, as I also advised you, WWE has not solicited any other current TNA talent to repudiate their contracts and enter into a contract with WWE. WWE has no interest in current TNA talent.

The Ultimate Fighter: Australia vs. UK To Air On FX...

TUF: Australia vs. UK broadcasts on FX in Australia this fall

"The Ultimate Fighter: Australia vs. U.K." will air on FX in Australia in the fall as the latest installment of the reality series from the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

UFC officials announced the news yesterday.

Tryouts for the upcoming season of "TUF" are currently underway, featuring fighters from both Australia and England. The coaches for the season have not yet been named, though an official announcement is expected soon.

"We're excited to be part of the FX family in Australia," UFC managing director for international development Marshall Zelaznik stated. "When the first series of 'The Ulimate Fighter' debuted in the United States seven years ago, it brought in millions of new fans who tuned in each and every week to watch their favorite fighters. I have no doubt that 'The Smashes' will do the same in Australia."

"The Smashes" is the title given to this season, referencing a cricket rivalry ("The Ashes") between the two countries.

While the season will air in Australia, no plans have been announced for those hoping to view in the U.S. Fans could watch "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil" online earlier this year as it was taping in Brazil, but the season did not broadcast on national television until FUEL TV began airing episodes just recently.

Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's get it on!

JR's Blog...

Wednesday Blog..Heyman..Lesnar..HHH..Grilling Perfect Burger..Kane..JR'S @ TAKE
Wed, 06/20/2012 - 11:06am — J.R.

Happy that you stopped by our site and encourage you to tell friends about it. Our Twitter account is growing rapidly and we are at over 450,000 followers @JRsBBQ and I personally invite you to join us. WWEShop has restocked their JR's inventory at this link Random thoughts about to be served....

The Monday Night Raw from Nassau Coliseum was a hit in the TV ratings. The HHH/Heyman business along with the Cena/Big Johnny content at the end of the night were big winners.

As a fan, I thought the segment involving 'The Game' and Paul Heyman was the most compelling thing on Raw.

Heyman is a natural born antagonist and when he speaks he isn't 'acting' but simply being himself. I've personally been in too many non televised arguments with Paul to know of what I speak. Heyman has 'it' and always has plus it's obvious that the native New Yorker hasn't lost a step in his self imposed, long sabbatical from the biz over the past several years.

Paul Heyman is the best, antagonist, promo talent in WWE hands down.

A few weeks ago when HHH had his physical encounter with Brock Lesnar, I 'felt' that any bout between the two would be special. Specifically after the 'Cerebral Assassin' (Great handle...wonder where that came from?) fired up on Lesnar for a brief but impactful interlude of hammering right hands. That exchange struck a chord with me and flipped the switch for my motor to engage.

IF Lesnar vs. HHH happens at Summerslam, and I hope that it will, it will be a stellar attraction that will be fresh and not too likely to ever happen again. The bell to bell of this potential main event really has my interest and I'm intrigued to see how this matter plays out between now and August 19.

I'm hoping that WWE uses some of the classic moments of Money in the Bank to help promote the PPV that will be held in July in Phoenix. There are so many great moments in MITB that can be utilized to help sell the PPV. MITB has been a solid concept and really has been a star launcher to a large sense over the years.

Love how some in main stream sports love to knock the genre of sports entertainment yet shows like ESPN's 'First Take' is nothing more than an elongated, promo segment between a villain manager, Skip Bayless, and his 'arch rival,' Stephen A Smith. The role of Mean Gene is played by Jay Crawford. Don't take this as a diss of the show as I'm a regular viewer but main stream sports entities generally do all they can to distance themselves from 'pro wrestling' even though they use regularly elements from the business in this programming.

When I got the Atlanta Falcons gig in 1992 the local media had an outcry especially some columnists in the newspaper. How could a major, sports franchise hire, of all people, a WRESTLING GUY to be a part of their broadcast team?

Another prime example of prejudicial, elitist horse manure from those that look down upon my profession because of what? That it's show business with an athletic backdrop?

I'm a broadcaster and feel supremely confident, perhaps defiant, that I can broadcast any sport with ample time to prepare so that the specifics of the sport become second nature and I can allow my instincts and 'feel of the game' influence how I handle the presentation.

Back to RAW, it was another stellar night for the veteran Kane who has seemingly been reborn over the past several weeks with his physical involvement with WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan notwithstanding the big Red Machine's soap opera entanglement with the controversial Diva A.J.

Kane's physical performances have been outstanding as it appears that Punk and Bryan bring out the best in the big man who has recently demonstrated amazing athleticism for a 300+ pounder.

Kane's on going relationship with A.J. has been an intriguing element on Raw that has my interest.

I'm still of the mindset that A.J. has developed a main event level persona in one of WWE's better creative presentations in quite some time.

Obviously, steps are being taken to make the tag team scene in WWE more meaningful but that still won't be good enough for some keyboard warriors who will continue to squeal ala Ned Beatty in 'Deliverance' or the proverbial pig stuck under a gate. It will take time to rebuild something with little, current equity but I'm of the mindset that it can and will be done but that it will not happen over night.

Before I forget, I made some guy food a few nights ago ala beans akin to what was consumed around the camp fire on the cult, film classic 'Blazing Saddles.' I promised the recipe so here it is:

1 can of pork 'n beans drained..put drained beans in a sauce pan on low heat...add JR's All Purpose Seasoning to taste..add chopped sweet or purple onion to taste..add squirt of honey..add JR's Original BBQ Sauce and Chipotle Ketchup as in a drizzle of each..add chopped bell pepper of your choice equal to the amount of onion that you use. Allow to simmer until done but it's better if there is still a little 'crunch' to the onion and bell peppers. It's a quick, easy, inexpensive and healthy dish that's a great tag team partner with grilled main eventers.

Great to hear the feedback from many fans who have never heard the late, Gordon Solie's work to any extent and who have heard him on the WWE Home video release 'Best of Clash of the Champions.' Working with my broadcasting idol on the Flair-Funk I Quit Match was a bucket list thing for me but discerning fans need to remember that it was during the later stages of Gordon's career and that he was doing color and not play by play which does make a difference as it relates to timing, etc. As good as Gordon Solie was that infamous night, his earlier work was that of legend and established that a pro wrestling announcer didn't have to be an over the top baffoon to get the job done. Gordon took his work seriously and treated the business as were a legit sport even though the genre has always been about entertainment featuring amazing athletes.

Mike Tyson being a playable character in WWE13 is a significant development for THQ and WWE. Iron Mike's involvement in the video game should be an outstanding, new, unique feature as the Attitude Era is represented strongly on this upcoming game that I assume will be released this fall perhaps in October.

Just asking but could the new RAW/Smackdown GM be announced at the premier of the weekly three hour Monday Night Raws, episode 1000, in St. Louis on July 23? This isn't a 'spoiler' even though some knuckleheads will think it's such but merely a question. Doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Antonio Cromartie, professional NFL player w/ the New York Jets and reproducer extraordinaire, has many children (12??) and baby mama. Many as in he could be consider the 'Father of our Country' many. Soucrces say that Cro has so many kids that it takes him three days to celebrate Dad's Day. Funniest segment on a past HBO 'Hard Knocks' one of my favorite TV shows, was when Cromartie was naming his children and their ages.

My @okctunder are gravely ill in their quest to win a NBA Title this year as they are down 3 games to 1 against the nWo like Miami Heat. I'd love for OKC to get one win in Miami to bring the series back to Oklahoma for the final two games to add some drama to the NBA Championship and give the local favorites a chance to make Sooner State history. I know the odds are long but as long as there is time on the clock, so to speak, I'm not abandoning my team.

Our potential business relationship with @americansoda in the UK is evolving and we may have some positive news on that matter soon as it relates to them distributing JR's products in that part of the world. Stay tuned over the next 4-6 weeks.

Burger tips for the grill or 80/20 blend of ground beef generally works best as it relates to the meat but that 's your call. I never buy hamburger patties pre made. I always buy bulk meat and make my own patties. Season to taste with JR's All Purpose Seasoning, add a little JR's BBQ Sauce, a few drops of your favorite liquid smoke (I generally use hickory or mesquite) and you can even add finely chopped onion if you choose to blend together to comprise a great burger pattie. If you can, let them sit in the 'fridge, covered, overnight or for as long as you are able IE make the burgers in the morning and grill them in the afternoon. Allowing the burgers to sit and marinate before grilling makes a HUGE difference. Grill over medium heat as to not overcook or cause flames. Sometimes I also add little pieces of cheese to the patties to cook inside them. Grilling is a great hobby and don't be afraid to experiment but always pay attention to what you're doing and don't constantly open your grill or flip your burgers numerous times. I generally turn mine once or twice at the very most.

JR's products are NOT available in any stores except Norman, Oklahoma Homeland stores and unfortunately we do not expect to be in retail stores any time soon. WWEShop has many packages featuring our products, some with personally signed swag, available online at

Sad that some fans feel that any wrestling TV show can essentially solve all their ills simply by going to a TV14 rating and bringing back "blood." If these are young fans thinking this asinine theory, it makes one sort of wonder about the future.

Be Well everyone and come back to see us soon.

Boomer Sooner!



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