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06 May 2011

Young Guns: All Our Kings Are Dead review, by Eva Rinaldi

Young Guns have fans and critics talking with the release on their All Our Kings Are Dead release.

Are they the next big thing in British rock, or are they more akin to just another flash in the pan? Nay, they appear to have hit the big time, based upon all the airplay they've got on MTV over the past few months, not to mention a ton of positive reviews in respected music industry press. It may be too early to know for sure just how far they will go, but these guys have talent.

Rock gods Bon Jovi didn't get them to be a support for them just cause their nice guys. They got the spot thousands of other up and comers wanted. They even shared a stage at the Reading Festival with the likes of Guns N' Roses and Queens of the Stone Age. You've got to be darn good to get that spot.

I love the fact that the band showed fortitude by releasing their debut album directly. I guess one of more of them have both marketing and media smarts, and a bit of a nest egg to throw into a successful campaign, without having to pander to the top brass at the majors.

I can imagine being in a jam packed stadium watching these guys, with thousands of fans going wild. They have 'It', and the production and promos are polished.

Opening track Sons of Apathy sounds like something that might get a strong run on radio, be it in Australia or the UK. The nature of their songs and lyrics is such that your going to have to learn them off by heart to be able to sing along with them... the musical riffs are pretty loud and the songs too new to be regularly be played on MTV or radio quite yet.

I'm still getting a feel for these guys, and what songs best take my fancy, but at this point Stitches does it for me, but that's also got something to do with the pretty cool music video I spied on YouTube. They know how to do a music vid to compliment a song, so its little wonder they are currently approaching mega success, with their positive momentum building up every month, not to mention each new concert they belt out. This band to be sounds like that in 5 years time the music world will be buzzing loudly about, and one of the privileged rock bands who are in demand across the globe, being able to pretty much pick and choose where they perform.

If you like your melodic punk rock heavy, hard, and loud... but not quite deafening, 'All Our Kings Are Dead' might just be for you. I like my punt alot more 70s and 80s style, but I respect these guys for giving us all they have, and I've got the feeling they will further improve their awesome sound with their next one or two releases. Rock on.

The Band:

Gustav Wood - lead vocals
Fraser Taylor - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
John Taylor - rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Simon Mitchell - bass
Ben Jolliffe - drums, percussion, backing vocals


Young Guns

Young Guns