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02 May 2011

TV Week Logies: Underbelly Dirani Wins Logies; Dieter Brummer Crown Casino Assault, by Greg Tingle - 2nd May 2011

This years Underbelly was both a big winner and loser at the TV Week Logies. James Packer's Crown Casino was rocking and rolling, before, during and after The Logies. Australia's night of nights - the TV Week Logie Awards hit James Packer's Crown Casino with a vengeance. Good thing that security was on high alert for The Palladium and JJ's parts of the casino. We are also pleased to report that there was no repeat of last years Twitter-Gate, where one writer was fired for inappropriate Tweets. Plastic handcuffs were not required as far as we can muster, but there was at least one arrest...of an Underbelly star. Media Man with the Crown Casino - Underbelly special live from Crown. Greg Tingle flew down to Melbourne to cover both TV and real life underbelly, learning that life still does sometimes imitate art even in Australian Underbelly...

Underbelly: AussieWood and Real Life Big Hits At TV Week Logies...

Life appears to have imitated art at James Packer's Crown Casino in the early hours of this morning when Underbelly actor Dieter Brummer allegedly became involved in an "incident" with up to five security guards.

Victorian police were called to the Crown Casino complex and the 34-year-old bloke from North Bondi was charged with intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury, unlawful assault, behaving in a riotous manner and being drunk in a public place. Yes, quite a list.

Crown spokesman Gary O'Neill told the Herald that CCTV footage and a security report was being handed over to police.

O'Neill said he had seen the footage, which he claimed indicated Crown's security guards had "followed the appropriate procedures for dealing with these situations".

He politely declined to comment any further, but shared "People see these things differently, it is now up to the police to do their work."

Following the Logie awards, Brummer was having a drink or five at the JJs Bar inside the Crown Complex, which each year is the venue for the Network Nine afterparty. Channel Nine is the broadcast partner of the Logies.

The Underbelly hit show, which showcases the underworld down under in Australia and has been watched by millions of Aussies, has been one of the network's biggest hits and received plenty of Logies this year.

Brummer and other stars of the show, including Firas Dirani were in a party state of mind throughout the evening.

Reports have come to light that Brummer was asked to leave the Nine party, although this has not been proven at the time we go to press.

Witnesses told the press they saw Brummer being pinned to the carpet outside JJs Bar and heard him screaming at the five guards to "get off me".

Some observers were also seen filming the alleged incident on their mobile phone cameras.

The man was taken from Crown Casino at 2.25am to nearby Prahran police station to be charged.

He will appear before Melbourne Magistrates Court on August 29.

Life can imitate art, for better of worse.

Underbelly's Firass Dirani Kicks Ass At Logies...

For Underbelly: The Golden Mile’s leading man Firass Dirani there was reasons for trifecta celebration after snatching the Most Popular New Male Talent and Graham Kennedy Award For Most Outstanding New Talent Awards, as well as bringing in his 27th birthday, which was on Friday. And in a most entertaining acceptance speech thanked 'Teenage Dream' queen Katy Perry.

Kings Cross based set drama series Underbelly: The Golden Mile was awarded the TV Week Silver Logie for Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie.

The night's first winner Firass Dirani, who was voted the most popular newcomer for his performance in Underbelly: The Golden Mile, begged American pop chanteuse Katy Perry to have his babies before thanking the show's producers "for taking a chance and injecting some flair and some of that caramel flavour into our TV screens".

Insiders say the "caramel flavour" was a reference to the multi cultural thing, given that Durani is not a Caucasian "white" Australian.

Tipsters are confident Underbelly will continue for "one or two years more", with more gambling themes to be incorporated into the smash hit franchise.

Punters, er readers, stay glued to Media Man reports for more "can't miss" information on the Australian casino scene.

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