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16 November 2011

Australian Movie News: DiCaprio in Sydney for The Great Gatsby; Isabel Lucas back from Immortals; Al Pacino for Star performance, by Greg Tingle - 15th November 2011


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It's been a big few weeks for Hollywooders (and a few AussieWood types) doing 'Sin City' Sydney, and to a lesser extent, Melbourne.

If you blinked, here's some of the names: Leonardo DiCaprio (filming The Great Gatsby), Isabel Lucas (just back in Melbourne from shooting Immortals in LA), Tobey Maguire (still shooting The Great Gatsby in Sydney and is likely to stay down under for another 3 months or so), Val Kilmer (in Oz for SuperNova comic fests and now soaking up the sun in and around Bondi Beach), Al 'Scarface' Pacino (about to do his storytelling with comedy routine at The Star - the revamped Casino run by Echo Entertainment), and get this...US president Barack Obama (as featured in last years Marvel Comic's print Spider-Man) is to visit to Canberra tomorrow and Thursday.

Oh, Dolly Parton is touring also, and we include her in the list since she put on an entertaining performance in a number of American TV movies over the years. We won't include Tiger Woods, the famous golfer who is doing Perth, since he hasn't done any movies (yet)... at least any that we know about, but he's sure done the entertainment and nightlife circuit in Las Vegas.

Who else might have flown in from Los Angeles or New York is anyone's guess, but we suspect there's more.

The Great Gatsby has Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Joel Edgerton shooting scenes at St Patrick’s Seminary at Manly, and the site has been transformed into Jay Gatsby’s magnificent Long Island mansion. The exterior of the building will be primarily be used for roaring party scenes hosted by Gatsby ('Our Leo').

Leo is just off filming of Clint Eastwood's 'J. Edgar,' in the US which has DiCaprio staring as late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover aka 'The Most Powerful Man In The World' to some.

Tops of Australian actors want to make it in Hollywood and our Isabel Lucas has, but she's very pleased to be coming back home to the land down under. The 26-year-old is has had enough of Holywood for now. Three years of living in LA was enough. She told News Limited press "I'm really excited about moving back to Melbourne. I prefer living in Australia. That's where I feel most comfortable.

"In LA you need to develop a good bullshit radar. It's rough here. There's a real harshness to living in LA and I find I have to put on my hard skin and let things slide like water off a duck's back."

She scored the role of goddess Athena in the $75 million flick Immortals and its really put her on the Hollywood map in a big way.

In the popular trend of getting close to co stars, she's been romantically linked to many of her leading men and such, the list including Adrien Grenier, Shia LeBeouf and Jake Gyllenhaal, as well as Australian actors Chris 'Thor' Hemsworth and Joel Edgerton.

Lucas says: "I have a good amount of male friends who are just like big brothers. I'm grateful for that but it saddens me that they are pigeonholed.

"Hollywood doesn't believe that platonic male/female relationships can exist."

Immortals is directed by Tarsem Singh (The Fall, The Cell) and from the producers of 300 (grossing US$450 million worldwide), Immortals is expected to do massive moolah.

An tale of treachery and violence, it stars Mickey Rourke as the ego full King Hyperion whose goal is to obtain a weapon that can destroy ancient Greece and all humanity. Henry Cavill (Count of Monte Cristo) plays Theseus, a heroic villager chosen by Zeus to rise up against the king. It also features John Hurt, Frieda Pinto, and Stephen Dorff.

Lucas will next be seen in Red Dawn, and two Aussie productions, A Heartbeat Away and The Wedding Party.

Hollywood living legend Pacino jetted in on Saturday ahead of his back to back one-man shows at The Lyric Theatre, The Star this Wednesday and Thursday and News Limited is reporting he's going to make over a million dollars for the Australian campaign. Good money, even for a Godfather! No real scars to speak off, but certainly a few grey hairs, but he will has what it takes.



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