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18 November 2011

Al Pacino Ready To Do The Star Lyric Theatre, by Greg Tingle - 17th November 2011


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The Star (formally Star City Casino) advised the media powers that be that their revamp was going to be huge on many levels, and they have stayed true to their word.

Tonight enter Al Pacino aka 'Scarface' (Tony Montana) and 'The Godfather' (Don Michael Corleone) into The Lyric Theatre.

It may be subjective as to whether Pacino has upstaged Leonardo DiCaprio's presence at The Star, but either way, Pacino doesn't mind. Both gents are a couple of the finest actors in history and Australia is loving having them down under at the same time, with Leo taking more of a liking to Manly as of late with The Great Gatsby filming. It's strongly rumoured Pacino is also staying at the star, following the lead of DiCaprio, but its unclear if the living legend also have an entire floor to himself.

Have you counted how many big name celebrities are in 'Sin City' Sydney at the moment? Try about a bakers dozen.

We're off to see Pacino perform his one-man show 'An Evening With Al Pacino' at the Star's Lyric Theatre tonight, a show that is also sold out for tomorrow.

The Sydney rumour mill says the man is to earn over a million dollars for the exclusive Sydney engagement, but we are unlikely to ever find out the true figure. That's something only the ATO, IRS and his agent may ever find out.

Pacino hasn't been doing interviews but is getting spotted from time to time, just enjoying his spare time soaking up Sydney.

Officially some people have paid almost $500 per ticket, but some ended up on eBay for over $1000. Us, we got an other to good to refuse.

Get To Know Al Pacino...

"People always said that time, the '70s, was about pretty boys, and then I came along!"

Born on April 25, 1940, in the Bronx, New York

January 1961: Was arrested, charged with carrying a concealed weapon

Francis Ford Coppola pushed hard for Pacino to get the role of Michael Corleone in 'The Godfather', despite some still opposition from some Hollywood quarters

Originally requested $7 million for The Godfather: Part III (1990), a figure that so enraged director Francis Ford Coppola that he threatened to write a new script that opened with Michael Corleone's funeral. Pacino settled for $5 million.

On people considering him a legend: "I'm very flattered to hear that, that compliment. I don't think of myself as anything but an actor struggling to find the next role and when I do get the role to try and see if I can find any way into it."

Is really enjoying his time in Sydney, Australia


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