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14 March 2011

Sydney Opera Bar goes back to school, by Eva Rinaldi - 13th March 2011

The Sydney Opera House and its surroundings hold a special place in my heart.

For almost as long as my artistic journey began some ten years ago, I have greatly enjoyed all manners of art in and around the 'Sydney Oprah House', as its often known as these days.

Of course, the world knows the Opera House, but in the past few years The Oprah Bar, operated by John Gallas, continues to build upon its own fame, and rightly so.

For an ever increasing amount of Australians and overseas visitors, a stop in to the Opera Bar is the perfect way to finish off the day after taking in one of the world's greatest cities, and how about our fantastic harbour, and the views.

Gallas (dressed as a priest) and his staff were celebrating yet another fantastic year via staff party, and it was decided it would be a fun, sexy, sassy and 'Back To School' type of theme, which was achieved, bodypainted artists contributing considerably, but it must be said that by judging from some of the photos we captured one may be forgiven for thinking it may have been 'Schools Out' by Alice Cooper, with a few attendees having quite the naughty school girl and naughty school boy look. Then there was the evil school teacher, just looking for half an opportunity to lash out with his cane.

Fortunately, it was all just an artistic act, and no one got hurt or disciplined for real, but the rumour mill says there may have been one or two models that visited the naughty corner for a bit of nooky, of their own free will of course. If there are any photos of that, sorry, I'm not saying, but feel free to use your imagination.

For many guests getting a mouthful of test tube drinks from a bodypainted 'rack' was a highlight, and yes, she was licensed to serve drinks, and boy did she serve up the action, and we heard she was tipped nicely for her efforts.

As you might imagine, this was an invitation only affair - super A-list all of the way. You had to either work there, or be an artist or the like to get the nod. The staff and management also helped cement Sydney's reputation of 'work hard, play harder'. I think I might have heard one model whisper such a thing to another. The camera doesn't lie boys and girls. At a real school detention for a week might have been in order, but we just loved it.

The festivities continued on for a few hours, and everyone had a great time, and another 'party' or two could be on the itinerary.

For the record many beautiful, sexy and creative photographs were taken of the evening, and this can be located on our website of course.

My Human Statue Bodyart company sure looks forward to helping facilitate another memorable event for our friends at Sydney Opera Bar. It's fair to say that the bar was raised for Sydney's club scene with their staff party, but readers... if your looking to add a bit of extra spice (or bodypaint) to your party, please do give us a call. We love a good a party.


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