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13 March 2011

Ric Drasin Personalized Training Programs

Ric Drasin, from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding is now offering Personalized Training Programs and structured eating plan designed especially for YOU and your goals in fitness and Bodybuilding.

Ric has been a name in bodybuilding and professional wrestling since the mid 1960's and was Schwarzenegger's workout partner for 4 years along with such greats as Draper, Columbu, Zane, Mentzer, Robbinson, Guiliani, Waller and more.

Ric has also trained such stars as:

Jeff Goldblum

Eric Estrada

Gene Simmons

Chuck Negron (3 Dog Night) and more...

As you know the Golden Era turned out the best bodies and the training and diet back then was like none other today. They had the formula and it worked.

This is NOT a plan just thrown to you at random, like other trainers do and your current workout and diet will be evaluated by Ric personally and then be restructured to suit your needs and desires. Ric will be available to you 7 days a week via email and will personally respond to your emails and questions as needed, to help you reach your goals and sticking points that you have been working towards for so long.

*Gain Size

* Cut Body Fat and lean out

* Restructure your eating habits for best results

* Increase lifts and get past sticking points

* Bring up lagging body parts and more...

* Restructure your program every 4 weeks for maximum results as change is very important and you will be evaluated weekly by sending your photo and breakdowns of your progress.

Most personal trainers charge minimum $50 to $125 per workout sessions for 3 times a week. This can become very costly and most have no knowledge of 'old schoo' methods that worked.

If you sign up today, it's just $200.00 a month and that's just $50 per week payable the first of every 4 week period. This program is geared for six months to get best results. As you know nothing happens over night so you must stick to the plan. Those who continue on for the 2nd 6 months will receive a discount.

This is a ridiculously cheap price and especially considering the knowledge you will obtain from the Golden Era Old School Methods of Bodybuilding without over training like we did back in the day. Grab it while you can as Ric is one of the few greats left and is now willing to share this knowledge. No more guessing on your part.

Upon sign up, please email Ric at the above email with the following information so he can start your program.


Email address

Height, weight,

Current workout program

Current diet

Goals that you want to achieve.

Any injuries that you need to address

Any current problems that you are having with your workouts or development.

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