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19 March 2012

The Star casino sacks three managers; Sin City Sydney cleaned up


The Star Echo Entertainment Casinos Clubs Sydney Australia

Downtown "Sin City" Sydney, Australia, continues to get Las Vegas Strip type publicity with its Star casino sacking not one, but three more managers, including one who forwarded an email that disclosed that international high rollers aka "casino whales" are permitted to gamble for more than 24 hours non-stop.

One may ponder what the late, great, Australian king of the "whales", Kerry Packer might have thought of the current situation. Our observations are that James Packer, son of Kerry, takes a more "play by the rules" (legal and totally above board) approach than that of his legendary father, but don't expect public comment to come from JP on that front.

The Star's scandals have not slowed down Mr Packer's desire to own and operate The Star, but back to matters and hand.

The sackings aka's "Don't come Monday" came after the casino last Tuesday engaged high powered and super effective legal eagles to terminate mid-level managers for breaches of its internet and email policies, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

An unlucky Seven staff have now been dismissed or have left voluntarily in the wake of the termination of the casino's managing director Sid Vaikunta last month.

One of the three recently sacked had forwarded an email, dated February 21, from director of VIP services Dean Wilson that revealed responsible gambling rules used to prevent locals betting for longer than 24 hours did not apply to wealthy foreigners.

Mr Wilson notified staff he asked responsible gambling manager Ron Wagemans to clarify the policy after a staffer wrongly warned two guests that had been playing table games for 21 hours that they would soon be asked to leave.

Mr Wilson said international guests had a limited time to play and an established amount of money they were prepared to gamble with.

He later sent an email saying to several hundred pit managers working at four other casinos in Australia operated by Echo Entertainment stating they should watch international guests for signs of fatigue and ask them if based in were ok to play.

Mr Vaikunta was accused of alleged misconduct and sacked on February 2.

Readers are reminded that if they ever enjoy a punt, please bet with your head, not over it, and have fun.

Australians are widely considered as the world's biggest and most passionate gamblers.

Slot games are the most popular at most venues, followed by poker, blackjack and sports betting.

Media Man congratulates management of The Star - Echo Entertainment on their recent pro active efforts and results in improving the work environment at their world class entertainment and casino complex.


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