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12 July 2011

Wrestling News Media: Hogan, Flair, WWE, CM Punk, McMahon, Jim Ross, Cena, Rock, Kevin Nash... by Greg Tingle - 12th July 2011


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Media Man and the vast majority of mainstream news and wrestling news outlets agree - pro wrestling... cough, "sports entertainment", is interesting again, with realistic storylines and a reasonable amount of quality pro wrestling matches on offer.

Traditional thinking would dictate that WWE PPV events are going to achieve higher buy rates and the positive momentum should also increase the revenues of marketing and mechanise. Just wait until the highly anticipated WWE TV Network kicks in... tipped to be approximately 12 months away.

Jim Ross...

Jim Ross has noted on Twitter that WWE sold out three straight shows on its current tour of South Africa.

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog. Highlights:

On WWE waiting so long after buying WCW to do the Invasion angle: "Beats me but the top talents that were needed to make the storyline really work were getting significant monies from Turner/WCW to essentially sit at home and fulfill their contracts. When judging the Invasion business, it's easy to Monday morning QB the matter but few will argue that it could have been more productive."

On a potential Hulk Hogan WWE return: "I have no idea. I assume anything is possible. I can't see Hogan returning to wrestle multiple matches in WWE due to his health issues but regarding this talent and his future I simply don't know and nothing would surprise me."

On Scott Hall leaving WWE in 2002: "After the infamous plane ride from hell and the unprofessional incidents that ensued by many, it was decided that having Scott back on the road with extensive traveling was not in the best interests of the talent or WWE."

On CM Punk leaving WWE: "I'm not involved in this matter whatsoever but from what I've read and what WWE has publicly stated, Punk vs. Cena at the MITB PPV in Chicago, Punk's hometown, will be CM Punk's last, foreseeable bout in, lose, or draw. As an outsider looking in, I'd say Punk will finish up Sunday July 17 as WWE has stated."

Kevin Nash... is listing Kevin Nash as appearing in the sequel to the 2007 film "Ghost Rider" starring Nicolas Cage. The sequel will see Cage reprise the role of the Ghost Rider and Nash's character has yet to be named. The film will be titled "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Revenge."

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper...

Piper is to have another check up for cancer. We're pleased he got through the initial battle with the Big C back in 2006. Few on the planet have most heart and guts than Piper, so we're tipping he's going to keep powering along, and perhaps even have some more in ring battles in the near future.

Hulk Hogan...

Purchase Hulk Hogan's Belleair Mansion For Just $9.2 Million...

If you're looking for an infamous Tampa Bay address to call home, the Wall Street Journal notes that Hulk Hogan's Belleair home is on the market. Well, still, anyway, because it's been for sale or years. But look, it's now a bargain at a mere $9,242,000! That's only about $539 per square foot, y'know.

The house, at 130 Willadel Dr., has been for sale for about five years, when it went on the block for $25 million. The Hulk took it back off the market, but it was listed last summer for $10.9 million. What does the new price buy you? A 17,000-square-foot-plus manse with five bedroom, eight full baths and three half baths, a gym, a rec room with its own kitchen, a tanning room, a wet bar, a hot tub, a guest house, a swimming pool with waterfalls and two docks on the Intracoastal.

Terry Bollea and his then-wife Linda bought the parcel in 1992 for only $2 million, so we can only guess what kind of margin is on this house. The Hulkster paid $120,325.85 in taxes in 2010, according to the Pinellas County property appraiser, even with the homestead exemption, so we can see why he'd want to ditch the joint. For a look at the listing, click here. Oh, and don't forget the HOA fee.

WWE Signs National Wrestling Champion...

The Medina Gazette from Ohio reports that WWE signed NAIA national wrestling champion Derek Foore to a developmental deal on Friday. Foore was invited to a FCW tryout months ago after WWE’s Jerry Brisco scouted him at a wrestling competition. Foore is planning a move to Florida where he can begin training at FCW.

The two-time national finalist and three-time high school state wrestling runner-up had the following to say about the signing:

"Right when I got the call I was like, ‘Yes, I’m one step closer. I’m willing to do whatever it takes. When I’m crazy enough, big enough and my career is sound and well-molded, that’s when they’ll say ‘Ok, you’re ready, man.’ I’m just living in the moment. I’m 22 years old and I have this opportunity. I will take it and seize it."

WWE Stars And Legend To Appear At San Diego Comic-Con...

Triple H, Rey Mysterio, members of the WWE creative team, a surprise WWE Legend and Mattel employees will be at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 21st for a special Q&A where they discuss WWE’s past, present and future and how it’s all celebrated with Mattel’s line of WWE toys. The discussion will take place from 11:30am until 12:30.

Vince McMahon - CM Punk Negotiation Behind Closed Doors...

WWE Monday Night Raw is being built around the public negotiation between WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and CM Punk, the two reportedly had a negotiating session in the past 24 hours behind closed doors. According to several key WWE insiders, the meeting was private, between McMahon and Punk, and none of the writing staff or the agents have been notified of the outcome of the negotiation.

WWE DVD Mentioned In Mainstream Newspaper...

Houston Chronicle’s David Barron, who has covered wrestling off-and-on for decades and regularly mentions wrestling stories in his weekly TV/Radio Notebook, referenced WWE’s "Best Cage Matches" DVD in Friday’s paper: "DVD updates: For old-school Texas wrestling fans, WWE’s The Greatest Cage Matches of All Time includes a couple from Jack Adkisson’s WCCW promotion in Dallas-Fort Worth."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson...

Johnson’s biggest movie to date was Fast Five but he was so important in that movie’s success he was offered a job for a massive blockbuster. What role? He has landed the role of Road Block in the sequel to the hit summer movie "G.I. Joe". Johnson has posted a photo of himself along with the G.I. Joe logo and a caption that reads "It’s official. Call the Pentagon, get me my big ass gun. Rock’s a Joe" on his Twitter account.

Big Show To Appear USA Network Drama This Week...

WWE star Big Show will appear on the USA Network series "Burn Notice." The show airs Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. CT.

Kevin Nash Rumoured To Have Role In 'Rock Of Ages'...

Jim Ross on Kevin Nash's big movie role: "What's Kevin Nash up to. Oh, about 7 feet. Seriously, Kevin called me Monday on his way back from France where he wrestled on a one off event in the southern part of France and was on his way back to Miami where he's filming a movie. Kevin plays Tom Cruise's bodyguard in the film. It's a huge, $200M film w/ an all star cast."

Rumours Of Wrestling Legends Returning To WWE...

Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Mick Foley are the 3 prime names been talking about by wrestlers and fans of being legitimate chances to once again return to the WWE. Michael's would be more believable that the other two, but Foley is understood to enjoy solid to good relationships with many WWE top brass and wrestlers, so stay tuned.

WWE Ice Cream Bars To Return?

Will WWE Ice Cream Bars be for sale again at wrestling venues and ice cream trucks soon? During the latest WWE Raw results, wrestler CM Punk demanded the tasty frozen treats as part of his contract negotiations with Vince McMahon, to the delight of the WWE Universe. While Punk tore that contract to shreds to conclude the show, fans certainly haven't forgotten about the ice cream bars made popular in the WWF days.

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