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13 July 2011

Laga Gaga Sydney Town Hall Concert Tonight; NSW Police Issue Warning - 13th July 2011

It's a lucky 13th for some, and an unlucky and somewhat dangerous day for others - that's the sentiment from the message from the New South Wales Police today.

The boys and girls in blue are encouraging fans of Lady Gaga (without tickets for tonight’s exclusive concert), don't o come into the city. "Stay safe by staying at home". One may suggest the warning will fall on deaf ears by many of Gaga's "little monsters", not to mention the grown up monsters also.

Gaga will perform as only she can do with a private concert to invited guests only tonight insider Town Hall on famous George Street from approximately 7.30pm this evening.

The police are reminding everyone that the queen of Gaga will not be making a public appearance and monsters out on the street will not have much at all to be stimulated by - visually or via audio. There's simply no screens or sound, so fans may end up staring at each other, brick walls, traffic and lots police.

Music super fans may recall that other teen idol Justin Bieber came to Sydney in April last year but the Circular Quay proposed concert was cancelled due to genuine safety concerns due to crowd size and other factors. It wasn't from lack of interest, that's for sure.

On Monday night massive queues built on Oxford St for two Lady Gaga performances / appearances - Nevermind and ARC. Police were extremely busy and are concerned for youth who may get caught up in the hype when pop and rock stars hit 'Sin City' Sydney.

Superintendent Mark Walton, City Central Local Area Commander told the press "Police and event security will be closely managing the ticketed access to the concert throughout the event.

“Parents are urged to not allow their children to attend the city if they don’t have a ticket. They will not be catered for and would be left to wander the city at night," he said.

"If you don’t have a ticket, stay at home. Don’t waste your time coming to town and stand out in the cold to look at a sandstone wall," Supt Walton said.

So fans, if you have a ticket, well done and party hard, and others, it may be a good night to stay at home.

Stay tuned to this space for great photos and news updates later this evening as Lady Gaga mania continues to run wild.