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22 July 2011

Wrestling News Media: CM Punk Storyline Expected to Continue Outside WWE, by Greg Tingle - July 2011

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Pro wrestling aka "sports entertainment" continues to go through one of the most interesting and "insider" focused periods in many years, with many commentators saying that WWE is finally getting back to its "Attitude Era", which "Stone Cold" Steve Austin spear headed so successfully, under the direction of WWE top brass Vince McMahon.

A Media Man spokesperson said "WWE is most assuredly getting back to some of the edgy and insider stuff that the WWE Attitude era was based upon. How much the strategy pays off from a financial perspective is yet to be see, however its certainly a popular development with hardcore and long time fans who missed the edgy and inside angles."

CM Punk...

WWE is attempting to continue the CM Punk storyline in such a fashion that, while his name and likeness are banned from WWE television, they're attempting to get Punk booked on late-night talk shows and other news-grabbing entities. The idea is that Punk will continue to taunt WWE with their own world title while WWE tries to, in story, forget that he exists.

WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts informed fans before the start of Raw that there was a ban on chanting Punk's name. As you would expect the fans chanted it anyway several times during the show.

John Laurinaitis Talent Relations...

WWE is looking to hire someone with a sports background to groom for working in talent relations. There is lots of discussion within WWE about John Laurinaitis and his long-term future with the company. It’s no secret that Triple H isn’t a fan of Laurinaitis and Laurinaitis has always been compared in a negative way to Jim Ross when it comes to talent relations. It was discussed after Money in the Bank that Laurinaitis may be established as a new TV character, similar to how Patterson and Brisco were to Vince McMahon years ago.

Kevin Nash...

Kevin Nash is reportedly is signed to a different WWE Legends deal than everyone else. Usually the Legends deals are that you make a percentage of the revenue your name and likeness generate, and they pay you a small amount of per year as a retainer of sorts. Nash is receiving a significant amount of money. Nash is said to be frustrated because he thought the reaction he got at the Royal Rumble would lead to something else on TV.

Bruno Sammartino...

A documentary on the life of wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino will be completed in September, after being worked on for years. A feature film is also being worked on but they're still in the raising money stages because Sammartino insists on doing it as an independent release, so studios don't "Hollywoodize" it up. The movie is being done by Home Alone's Scott Rosenfelt and Sammartino is meeting with Liar, Liar writer and former WWE writer Paul Guay this week about working on the project.

Vince McMahon Meets With UFC's Dana White Re Brock Lesnar...

Dana White recently appeared at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut to meet with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. White and McMahon meet regarding Brock Lesnar, who is a currently employed with the UFC.

Paul Heyman, Lesnar’s good mate, orchestrated something between the MMA and wrestling organizations and they had one of their first meetings together regarding the upcoming DVD that will feature the former WWE and UFC Champion. The project reportedly will be a mutual project between WWE and the UFC. There are currently no talks of Heyman or Lesnar returning to the WWE anytime in the near future.

Ric Flair Continues Promoting NC Lottery Deals And Selling Goods Online...

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Ric Flair - Media Man Int profile

Professional wrestling returns from the 80s - 22nd July 2011 -

Slammin', bashing and bad-mouthing. The spectacle that is professional wrestling is closer than you think and very much alive and kicking in New Zealand.

Ex-pro wrestler and Kiwi Pro Wrestling boss, Rip Morgan, knows the industry well and how hard it is to break into.

The last New Zealanders to wrestle for the World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly WWF), were The Bushwhackers - Luke Williams and Rip's uncle, Butch Miller - 15-years-ago.

"We do have a lot of good athletes here in New Zealand, but it's very hard to get into the business."

Four KPW wrestlers and two Australians recently had try-outs in front of WWE talent scouts in Sydney, Australia.

Shane "The Technician" Whitehead was one of them.

"In this business you don't call them, they call you, so I just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best."

Shane's one of many passionate performers hoping to wow the crowd at KPW's "True Mana" at the Wellington High School tonight.

It's a whole other world from their day-jobs.

"By day I work a nine-to-five job in an office, sitting at a computer all day," said Tane Kaiwai, or Dane King, who's been wrestling for about a year-and-a-half.

"You do it for the love of wrestling. Obviously you don't do it for the money, doing it locally"

Just two weeks ago, a near sell-out crowd showed up to Auckland's Vector Arena for the New Zealand leg of WWE's world tour. Fans turned up in their thousands to catch a glimpse of their favourite characters, such as WWE champ John Cena.

However, time will tell whether professional wrestling will become a permanent fixture in New Zealand's mainstream entertainment - and perhaps the fans are happy to keep it on the fringes.

"The fans vary. They can be a little quiet person in the back row to a front rower who's going crazy. They can get out of their seats, get carried away, run up to the ring, give some harsh words to our 'bad' guys, so to speak, and that's what makes the show interesting," said Rip.

Movies like 2009's "The Wrestler", which earned Mickey Rourke a best actor Oscar nomination and revived his career, have helped bring wrestling back into the mainstream.

In New Zealand, KPW's ambitious plans to do the same and bring the spectacle into people's living-rooms was realised through Prime's series "Off The Ropes" - the first weekly wrestling show on a major TV network since Steve Rickard's "On The Mat" in the 1980's.

"We're endeavouring to get our second series up and running," said Rip.

It's a debate that's as old as the internet, is professional wrestling a sport? The KPW boss doesn't deny that it's theatre.

"Your job as a wrestler is to entertain the ticket buyer who's come to watch you. That's your job. So I don't think even fans would care who wins or who loses, as long as they remember it was a good match.

"Wrestling has an element of circus, showmanship, dress parades and I think over the generations people have always been attracted to something different, outside their normal hours of work. So I think that's why wrestling still lives." (Credit:

WWE Hall Of Fame Rumours...

Pushes on to see Randy "Macho Man" Savage inducted, facilitated by his death, along with "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson and Sean Waltman (once known as the "'123 Kid", "X-Pac" and "Syxx Pac", and was a key member in the The Kliq serving below Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall (currently serving about one week in jail). Waltman was also a member of the NWO.

Hulk Hogan online slot game due out before end of year; Endemol Games UK To Release...

Stay tuned to the Media Man Int website portal for more news as it comes to hand on the pending release of the Hulk Hogan online slot game.

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