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16 April 2011

Wrestling Star Roddy Piper in Sunscreen Film Festival‏‏

April 13, 2011


"Fancypants" Premieres April 15 at Sunscreen Film Festival

St. Petersburg, FL. (April 2011)-- How does one wrestler with only one fan end his career? Wrestling legend and cult icon, Roddy Piper and actor Robert Carradine (“Revenge of the Nerds") have comedic roles as blow-by-blow commentators in the movie, “Fancypants” (, premiering Friday, April 15, 2011, 2:30 p.m. at the Sunscreen Film Festival (, Muvico Theaters Baywalk 20 & IMAX, 151 2nd Ave. N., St. Petersburg

“Fancypants”, produced by Humble Pie Films, is the story of wrestling legend, “Leo the Blue Lion” who is near the end of his career. Afraid of conflict in his real life, Leo soon finds out he has only one fan left, an 8-year old boy who hides a truth that will change Leo’s life forever. The film is packed with between-the-rings action that leads to Leo’s final and fiercest opponent. It's a film with a powerful message for fans young and old.

"The movie is a comedy/drama with heart; a tale of redemption," says producer Daniel Hanson. "The character bashes heads in the ring but is afraid of old ladies in the supermarket!"

The film was shot in Chicago and features historic landmarks such as the Congress Theater, Bohemian National Cemetery and Michael Reese Hospital. The film includes appearances by actor/comedian, Richard Kind (“Mad About You”; “Spin City”) and Nick Tuturro (“NYPD Blue”).

Tickets are available at The 2011 Sunscreen Film Festival runs through April 17, 2011, at Muvico Theaters Baywalk, 151 2nd Avenue in St. Petersburg.

About Humble Pie Films

Located in Chicago, IL, Humble Pie Films is a new, passionate production company with experienced people in the entertainment industry. It formed for one reason - to produce feature films with the highest standard of excellence on small scale, independent budgets. The company believes that big budgets do not make great films ... great stories do. It looks for the best stories and takes the necessary time to develop projects that stand on their own.

About Sunscreen Film Festival

Recently named one of the top 25 film festivals by MovieMaker Magazine, the Sunscreen Film Festival challenges expectations by providing filmmaker centered programming, networking opportunities, and intensive workshops. The Sunscreen Film Festival is an annual film festival hosted by the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Film Society, a Florida not for profit Corporation. The primary goal of the film festival is to encourage the creation, production, and exhibition of independent film in Florida through its educational programs and public screenings, thereby increasing awareness and support of local filmmaking as a cultural and economic asset. Now in its fifth year, the Sunscreen Film Festival hopes to continue to consistently entertain, challenge and create memorable moments for its filmmakers, special guests, judges and the film-loving public.

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