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05 April 2011

Australian Media Says Sorry To Packer And Tingle - 5th April 2011

G'day everyone. We have a different kind of news for you today. It's media apology time. Yep, for both Mr and Mrs James Packer (Erica Baxter) and yours truly - Media Man. All have been targeted. Crikey Media and some of their readers took cheap shots at The Packers, and a dodgy website got caught publishing untrue and defamatory information on ourselves, with one allegation stating that we ripped off someone on a property deal for $150,000, and another that we have a criminal record. Neither allegation being true and we've alerted Australian media, communications authorities and legal entities. One of the dodgy websites containing untrue information has since being shut down. Fancy that! Some false information remains on a dodgy social media website as we go to press. Media Man and Gambling911 take a look at who is sorry to James and Erica Baxter, wife of James Packer, casino mogul, as well as who wrote rubbish about Media Man, and why...

Crikey Media Website Forced To Remove James Packer And Erica Baxter Slur Articles And Feedback...

The infamous Crikey website was recently forced to remove all the entries in its most recent "caption contest", after their readership misused the opportunity and abused the Packer's including slurring his beautiful wife, Erica. One of the entries was so bad it cannot be republished. It related to the couple's children. Hate and abuse was also leveled against Packer's staff and his sexual performance. This is not the first time Crikey Media has been forced to remove entries from one of its so called "reader competitions". Back in November 2008, Crikey powers that be requested their readership to suggest names for US President Barack Obama's new dog. One reader wrote "a mongrel called Trig", Trig being the same of Sarah Palin's Down syndrome son. Recently Crikey published a photo of The Packer's and Melbourne businessman Ron Walker at the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne. Crikey journalist Paul Barry who has written biographies of JP and his late father, Kerry, went with "Come on, Crikey readers. Tell us what James Packer and Ron Walker were laughing about as they boogied it up at the Australian Grand Prix this weekend. "Big Ron told the Herald Sun that young Mr P was thrilled because he had just made 'a donation' to Japan. But surely you can do better than that? "Mind you, James dancing a jig after giving his money away would be a story. Unlike his father Kerry -- who was a 'Great Australian' and 'very caring individual', according to Ron -- James has a poor record in the philanthropy stakes. "Perhaps Crikey readers have a better explanation for Ron and James's song and dance. Best caption or speech bubble (leave your response in comments) wins." Responses were pulled from Crikey's website with no explanation, but we suspect legal reasons. The photograph remained for a time, with readers asked to submit entries by email, directly to Crikey editor Sophie Black. It's unclear whether a prize will be awarded, but some media analysts in Australia have whispered that Crikey Media wins the "Most Reckless and Irresponsible Australian Website" for both March and April, due to the inappropriate content". Packer's office is well aware of the slurs and was yesterday considering the material. Barry is not commenting, but quite a few media folks are commenting on them over watercoolers in media firms across Australia.

Rip Off Report Website Off The Air; Legal Eagle Apology To Media Man...

'WITHOUT PREJUDICE' RE: Ripoffreport matter

We act for Mr Mahendra Singh who has instructed this firm to respond to your email of the 1.4.2011 , 2.34am

Mr Singh has instructed that he has immediately upon receipt of your email withdrawn the published material which was the substance of your concern.

He has instructed that the material may have been published due to an error such as "a software problem or was auto published and or sent live".

In the circumstances he appreciates your prompt email advising the material published contained incorrect information, and does not pertain to you, and he has, as a consequence, for the time being turned off the website pending an investigation of the circumstances which led to the material being published.

He wishes to Thank you for your professional courtesy in giving him the opportunity to address your concern.

Legal Letter Of Apology For?"

What did they apologize for? Good question. The answer is the following totally untrue allegations leveled against Media Man they were posted in their forum and not checked for accuracy...

"Greg Tingle totally conned me out of $150,000 and he should have gone straight to jail back then . Unfortunately I bought some land in the Whitsundays in Qld through Tingle back in 2003 when he claimed to be a real estate agent. This was another one of his bogus fake titles. He didn't have a real estate agents licence and I foolishly believed this con artist and his spiel. Tingle got me to sign over $150,000 into his business account and that was the last I saw of my money. Needless to say there was no such land either. The police arrested and charged him with fraud and the court found him guilty and convicted Tingle with a 2 year suspended sentence ( way too lenient on this sort of crime) and even though the prosecution fought well for me and we won, by the time he was ordered to pay damages as well as the $150,000 for the bogus non existent land , they found out that he was totally broke. This Greg Tingle bum just went bankrupt and had absolutely no remorse in court about ripping me off for all my money. It came out in court that Tingle was involved in many illegal shonky business deals over the years and the cops told me that finally his past had caught up with him. A word of warning Do Not Approach Greg Tingle he is bad news. I feel sorry for the lady who was stalked by Greg Tingle. That's just too sick for words. Hope he gets put away soon. Greg Tingle totally conned me out of $150,000 for a bogus land deal in Queensland Whitsundays Company Name: Greg Tingle, Greg Starr-Diamond Greg Carnicelli Greg Diamond 2/9 New Orleans Court Maroubra, Sydney Australia, Maroubra, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2035 Website:

Media Man Quote On The Matter...

A Media Man spokesperson said "We suspect this internet attack was based on some of our hard nosed journalism work over the years. It stands to reason that criminals do not like journalists how expose them. In addition, there's a bit of jealously out there also and some crims clearly have too much time on their deranged minds. We hope they get help for their illness soon".

I.R.O.C 2 Website Still Publishing Lies On Companies And Individuals...

The relatively unknown social media start-up, I.R.O.C 2, hanging off social media website, Ning, is continuing to allow untrue information to be published, with Media Man being one of the entities being targeted. A Media Man spokesperson said "We know about the lies on I.R.O.C 2 and we are currently considering our options. We have made contact with legal eagles, various communications bodies, law makers and news media. Almost everyone knows the outlandish allegations are untrue, but its not pleasant to read such rubbish none the less. We're starting to think that more control needs to be placed over the internet, just as Australia's Senator Stephen Conroy has said. The internet has turned into more than the Wild Wild West, and more accountability is clearly needed. We are looking forward to making some positive contributions on that front and major news media continues to be receptive to our ideas".

Reputations Go Awol In Social Media Says The Sydney Morning Herald...Targeted: Corporates, Media Firms, Airlines, Fast Food Outlets, Gaming And Casino Firms...

The Sydney Morning Herald writes...In an age in which one negative online review can destroy brands, social media has become one of the top risks keeping C-level executives up at night, a survey of 446 major Australian corporations and public sector organisations has found. Company bigwigs typically fret over things such as liquidity and government regulation but the No.1 concern raised in the Risk Management Benchmarking Survey conducted by global consultancy firm Aon was "brand and image". Social media was specifically singled out as a key risk. "Increased use of social networks was specifically sighted [sic] as providing potential risk to an organisation's brand, image and reputation," read Aon's report on the survey, which is now in its ninth year. According to a recent report in AdAge, more than 50 per cent of Fortune 50 companies have no social media icons on their home pages at all, while 60 per cent hide their Twitter streams. Michael Braude, general manager of treasury, risk and insurance at Coca-Cola Amatil, said he saw social media as a "big issue". "Someone could decide to use social media to make derogatory remarks about any number of elements associated with an organisation," Mr Braude said. Peter Fraser, a partner with social media intelligence firm SR7, which recently struck up a partnership with Aon, said the survey confirmed that social media was an emerging risk that is taken seriously by chief executives and boards. He pointed to recent comments by Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce, who said erroneous social media posts claiming a Qantas plane had crashed led to a collapse in the airline's share price. "Social media and networks are not all about marketing. Social media risk is now shaping key business decisions at the Australian C-level," Mr Fraser said. Qantas isn't the only brand to have been affected by Twitter posts recently, as Vodafone, the St Kilda football club and car manufacturer Chrysler can attest. Julian Cole, digital strategist at The Conscience Organisation, said firms were "scared" of social media because it enabled consumers' opinions to be voiced more loudly than ever before. "Where someone used to tell their 10 closest friends about their bad experience with a product, they can now tweet, status update and blog to 1000 of their friends about their trouble," he said. "The other major impact of this is that there is a higher chance for consumer stories to spread faster using social media." Mr Cole cited as an example a video uploaded to YouTube in which a consumer demonstrated how they could pick a Kryptonite bike lock in seconds with a BIC pen. He said social media also led to companies losing control of what their employees were saying about their brands online. Mr Cole used the infamous example of the Domino's Pizza employees who published videos of themselves on the web fouling up customers' food. Another example is the three scantily clad Californian teens who were fired from their jobs at KFC for publishing photos of themselves on MySpace bathing in a KFC basin. Companies can even be held responsible for false, misleading and deceptive testimonials published on their Facebook pages by outside observers, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently said. Electronics retailer Bing Lee faced an onslaught of criticism for trying to raise money for the Queensland flood victims by getting people to "like" its company on Facebook.

The casino and gaming sector has also been targeted, with recent attacks against Mr and Mrs James Packer, Crown Casino, Media Man, Star City, Jupiters Hotel and Casino, IGT, Aristocrat, Betfair, Centrebet and a number of lesser known brands.

Melbourne Press Club Does Crown Casino...

The Melbourne Press Club did Crown casino and interesting goss is coming in. Julia Gillard impersonator Amanda Bishop got em talking with a line on Crown Casino and media commentators Andrew Bolt's head...the venue reminded her of nothing so much as the inside of Andrew Bolt’s head. Bolt being a soft target, since he's currently in court fighting for his good name. The joke got mixed reactions. Crown media and events hotshot Anne Peacock is understood to be concerned about Crown's image with the Press Club connection. Master of ceremonies Peter Mitchell gave Peacock special thanks in his address to the crowd. There was no on the record response from Crown Casino powers that be. It's understood that its hard to censor a Press Club speech. or news media in general.

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*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. Gaming is just one of a dozen sectors covered

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