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21 April 2011

Students lives and careers transformed by dance and music audition, by Eva Rinaldi - 21st April 2011

Today was yet another pivotal step in the continued life and career transformation of my special needs students.

For the uninitiated, I teach a group of students in Sydney who have had a number of life and career challenges, many of them effected by traumatic early childhood experiences.

Studies have proven that the formative years of ones life - 1-10 years of age have a significant impact on how an individual will view the world for the rest of their lives.

I'm pleased to report that over the past five weeks the vast majority of my students have made significant gains in confidence, self esteem, attitude, work ethic, communication as a whole, and most have even started to grasp some of the inner workings of the arts, entertainment and media world.

Last week we focused on achieving some practical solutions such as real and sustainable employment opportunities. As a team, we have already identified that most of the students were not ideally suited for "normal jobs" - nor am I for that matter, and neither are most successful people in arts, entertainment and media. It takes a certain breed of person - strong personalities, vast imaginations and being high on energy and a 'can do' attitude. All are pretty much prerequisites for success. Some of my students have these attributes in spades.

Today was a golden opportunity for two of my class to land a dancer role in a major advertising campaign coming up for one of the world's leading entertainment and media companies - and right here in Sydney. While it was not a multi million dollar contract opportunity, it was a genuine foot in the door opp, or launchpad if you will, that the right person could bounce off into a solid TV, film, dance or advertising industry role.

Here's the great news. At least one of my students, let's call her "Ella", has progressed to the next round of casting where she gets one step closer to being a key face for an entertainment industry product and solution that could well end up becoming a household name in Australia. I see a little bit of a Susan Boyle thing going on with this student, and its so exciting to see her grow as both an individual and as a member of the workforce - in the ultra competitive entertainment and media sector. Yes, this chic has the right stuff.

I know the story may sound a little far fetched for some, and lets face it - we sometimes hear of incredible stories in the press (or in movies), which sound too good to be true. So, today I took along a video camera and we shot footage which will be incorporated into the documentary showcasing the transformation of the lives of my ever faithful class.

Within a week I will have a much clearer picture of just how far "Ella" is taking her dream, but the class and I have a really good feeling about it.

What's next for my class of "comeback of the decade" folks? More red carpets, events, artistic creations and some worthwhile media opportunities.

We've already proved the knockers wrong, and we look forward to doing it again and again.

Why do we continue to show that the "impossible" can become possible? Because we can, and also because its often lots of fun, and we get to not only share dreams and aspirations as a team - we also get to achieve greatness together also.

Dream, believe, love and achieve - thank you for joining us on our journey again and we shall look forward to sharing more "impossible dreams" again with you next week.


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