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19 April 2011

Katy Perry To Open Crown Casino TV Logies, by Greg Tingle - 19th April 2011

Australian casino, gambling and entertainment news continues at a fever pace. Just when you thought things couldn't get crazier in Australia, we learn that Kate Perry is going to add Fireworks to James Packer's Crown Casino come TV Week Logies night. That and much more in another cracker edition of down under Aussie style news from Media Man and Gambling911...

Kate Perry Firework To Open Packer's Crown Casino TV Logies...

The TV Week Logies wants to make a bang, and not just because of the Twitter ban. They have signed up the ultra talented and super sexy Katy Perry. Yep, its all going to happen on 1st May. The California Dreams tour babe can't wait to open things with Firework, and this is tipped to get people up and dancing before the formalities get on the way. Hubby Russell Brand is not tipped be there on the big night, but he is down under in Oz promoting the comedy flick remake, Arthur, where he plays a lovable and hopeless billionaire.

Crown Casino Gets More Celebs For TV Week Logies; Katy Perry Plus...

Crown Casino powers that be and much of the Aussie news media is fired up for the TV Week Logies, but Russell Brand seems not quite a wild as usual, and won't be attending. Brand appears on 92.9FM's Kyle and Jackie O show earlier in the week and was pretty low key. Presenters for Australian TV’s night of nights have also been revealed, with a broad and strong range of personalities taking the stage including radio favourites Hamish and Andy and Roy and HG, reality TV host Sarah Murdoch and comedian Chris Lilley. Organisers have banned social networking from inside the auditorium asking guests to leave their mobile phones at home following last year’s Twitter-Gate controversy, where one Aussie writer / comedian lost her job.

Tasmania: Campaign To Reduce Problem Gambling; Know Your Odds...

The State Government has launched a $412, 000 community education campaign to help Tasmanians avoid gambling addiction and big losses on poker machines. The Minister for Human Services, Cassy O’Connor, launched the new problem gambling prevention campaign today, aimed at revealing the pitfalls of on-line gambling and poker machines. “The prevention campaign aims to stop gambling problems from developing in the first place,” Ms O’Connor said. “Poker machines alone took more than $215 million in losses out of the pockets of Tasmanians last year, and research shows that many of these people come from areas of socio-economic disadvantage. “The bottom line with problem gambling is that it is often those who can least afford to pay, who pay the most. “This education campaign debunks some of the myths about on-line gaming and poker machines and hopefully will save many gamblers from becoming addicted." Ms O’Connor said two television commercials lead the campaign, covering how to avoid trouble with poker machines and online gambling, in particular offshore casino and poker websites. “This campaign is based on recommendations from the Productivity Commission that the States look at improving consumer understanding of the risks. "It is alarming that many people believe poker machines are eventually due to make a big payout – in fact, there’s always a 10 per cent house edge working against the punter. “That’s 10 percent of every bet that gets kept by the machine. So the more you play, the more you lose.” The Productivity Commission also recommended that advice to players and community education campaigns should concentrate on the cost of play and the amount being lost. The advertisements will commence on Tasmanian television today. The campaign also has press, radio, cinema, posters and brochures.
The Know Your Odds campaign also features a blog where people can interact with Jack, the character from the campaign and find out more about how gambling works. Visit to see the blog and view the commercials.

Yass Soldier Club In Southern NSW Tablelands To Suffer From Pre-Commitment Pokies Laws...

The Yass Soldiers Club is preparing itself for a million dollar, should pre-commitment poker machine laws get implemented. The rather cunning scheme initiated by federal independent MPs aims to decrease gambling by 40% and Soldiers Club general manager John Weir was very much anti the move. “That will cost this business close to $1million annually. It will cost in excess of $300,000 just to implement the scheme," Weir said. With such big losses predicted Weir said the club wouldn’t be able to function as they are now.
"We won’t be able to pay out the $600,000 in wages every year… there’ll be no more Yass Soldiers Club as it stands." Other local businesses that have slots will also be affected and manager of the Bowling Club, Helen MacArthur, said it will have an effect on the wider community too. "It will affect larger clubs that rely on their poker machines... it will affect the community, clubs won’t be able to sponsor sporting teams as often," MacArthur said. The clubs are in support of the push by the Clubs Association to stop the laws taking place. The Clubs Association has released a major advertising campaign against the new scheme. The ad labels the need to have a "licence" to punt as un-Australian. Weir agrees and said gambling addiction is a "human problem that needs a human solution". The club’s manager said there was no evidence to support the idea that mandatory pre-commitment cards will put a stop to problem gambling. However, independent Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie disagrees. "Research shows that a mandatory pre-commitment system, for example smart cards, is an effective way to reduce problem gambling on poker machines," Wilkie said. "The Commonwealth Productivity Commission found problem gamblers commonly experience a lack of control, impulsiveness and periodic regret. Mandatory pre-commitment systems allow players to decide how much money they want to spend before they start playing and those feelings take over." Many European based pre commitment tests showed that the schemes does not work, and only drivers punters underground and leads them to getting a fix somewhere else. The MP said the commission recommended recreational gamblers could opt out of having their details recorded and could buy low-value cards or play low intensity machines. St Clement’s Church minister, Reverend Genieve Blackwell, said she understood the motivation behind the initiative. "It’s important that there is consideration given to help prevent gambling addiction," Rev Blackwell said. "However, there are issues that need to be worked through… it’s apparent that places like Yass Soldiers Club do take their responsibilities very seriously." Weir said the club is in contact with charity groups in Yass regarding the concerns about problem gambling and that they are taking precautions to stop the societal issue from occurring in the community. Ben Donoghue, the licensee at the Australian Hotel, said that it wouldn’t hit his business as hard as others but even so it wouldn’t curb gambling addiction. "I don’t think it’s going to stop gambling... with today’s technology people have access to gambling whether at home or if they come to the pub," Donoghue said. Wilkie said that the states and territories have until May this year to sign up for the reform and if they don’t, Prime Minister Julia Gillard will force the change. "We’re still working out the best pre-commitment technology to use, but the one thing that is not up for negotiation is your right to privacy," the Tasmanian MP said. "The only difference is problem gamblers will have a choice about how much money they want to lose on the machines.". Detractors say its just another form of Big Brother and Thought Police at work, and they scheme won't work. An informant said "Punters will gamble in back alleys, at a mates, on the name it. They might not play at the pub any more, or appear to play less, but they will still play, it just won't be as obvious. The Labor government would likely try to take credit, but the issue will still remain. Human problems needs human solutions". Stay tuned for more of Man VS Machine, with the lovers and haters.

Punters, er readers, stay glued to Media Man reports via Gambling911 for more "can't miss" information on Australian pokies and gaming wars.

*Greg Tingle is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company. They cover a dozen industry sectors including gaming.

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