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21 January 2010

PartyCasino Marvel Slots Online - Just don't wait for the movie, Play The Game, by Greg Tingle - 21st January 2010 Marvel Slots Online - Just don't wait for the movie, Play The Game, by Greg Tingle

As we head towards the conclusion of the first month of 2010, PartyGaming continues to cement itself as the world's leading igaming company.

PartyGaming's keeps adding more games and features, and the powers that be at Party advise to expect "Avatar" type technologies in the near future.

The powers that be at PartyGaming and Marvel Entertainment (recently purchased by Disney) have developed amazing online game versions of an array of Marvel superheroes.

Marvel Icon Stan Lee's creations have really come to life at PartyCasino, and you can even play them for free or for money. There's even a Super Hero Jackpot and Marvel Hero Jackpot.

Check them out: The Incredible Hulk, Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four.

The Media Man - Stan Lee connection advises that more Marvel themed movies and games are coming out this year and next, and that Marvel plan on developing characters that were released in Timely Comics and Marvel Comics decades ago.

PartyGaming is also adding more Marvel themed games to its Noble Casino brand including the red hot Iron-Man, the sequel soon to be hitting the big screen, and The Incredible Hulk.

iGaming industry developments may also see Wolverine, X-Men and The First Avenger, Captain America, arrive at, however that's just industry buzz at the moment.

PartyGaming have had contact with Australia's NextGen Gaming and its quite possible that pro wrestling themed games will arrive and the legendary Andre The Giant would likely be the first cab off the rank. Andre's battle with Hulk Hogan at WWE WrestleMania III is probably the most famous pro wrestling match in history. Marvel fans may be interested to know that Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) purchased the rights from Marvel to use the name "Hulk" for the wrestling and entertainment business in the 1980's in a multi million dollar deal. Hulk Hogan's star was of course elevated by his appearance in Sylvester Stallone's Rocky III playing "Thunderlips" (a bad guy wrestler). Stallone went on to late play John Rambo in the Rambo movies, and incidentally a Rambo themed slot game is also available at PartyCasino. The WWF (now WWE) continued to use some super hero themes including with the late, great, Owen Hart "The Blue Blazer" and current superstar Gregory Shane Helms "The Hurricane", however they are not Marvel creations. Speaking of the Marvel - pro wrestling connection, Randy "Macho Man" Savage featured in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man as "Bone Saw McGraw" circa 2002, and the late news is that a Spider-Man IV will soon be going into production, however some delays of the film have been experienced, and Kenneth Branagh's 'Thor' adaption has been moved forward to a release date of 19th May 2011.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, recently coming off "The Expendables" movie set (where he accidentally broke Stallone's neck) is said to be interested in appearing in a Marvel film and expending into igaming ventures, however that's a wait and see situation as of this writing. Certainly the fan base is there, but WWE's Vince McMahon may not be ready for Austin to be totally set free for movies and gaming quite yet, don't forget, McMahon is currently chasing Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" back to the WWE arena, a move that is likely to surge TV ratings (and sales of WWE Legends of WrestleMania game). Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka are said to be all interested in doing business with PartyGaming, including having their own game adaptions. Hogan currently has a "Hulkamania Experience" slot game available in some U.S. traditional casinos and Flair's recent promo with the North Carolina Education Lottery was extremely popular, so just imagine the interest for online games featuring these greats.

All the movie and Hollywood talk points to something... its all about entertainment. PartyGaming is in the entertainment (and igaming) industry, as is World Wrestling Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment (aka Marvel Comics).

It's for these reasons and more that when giants of the entertainment world such as PartyGaming and Marvel Entertainment get together, amazing game experiences can be enjoyed. In the words of Marvel icon and living legend, Excelsior! Don't just play the game, Feel It, at

*The writer has b2b dealings with Marvel Entertainment, PartyGaming and WWE, as they do with dozens of brands in the gaming, igaming and entertainment world.


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