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13 January 2010

Media Man guide to getting found on the web, by Greg Tingle

Having run a media, publicity and internet portal development company for a decade, I'm told I know a thing or two about being found on the internet.

One of our company websites has been ranked in the Hitwise Australia top ten (entertainment category) for 6 years in a row.

Here's a list of elements to take into consideration when it comes to getting your website or websites, found on the internet.

Be it a media company, games portal, casino, property and investment, travel and tourism, celebrity and entertainment, adult, social and community or something else, you can't go past these tips:

Search Engines - you really need to be in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If you are not in there, fix that. If you have problems get a SEO expert to assist, but ask questions and measure results.

Content - quality, unique and quantity.

Usability - a website layout that is logical and user friendly.

Media portfolio - search engines, the general public and news media like to see a media portfolio. News is one of the most popular topics on the internet.

Videos - use of video on your websites and / or plugging into YouTube.

Social media - Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, et al all can spike website traffic plus they all give you more exposure, thus more chance to be found in the top ten.

Multi language - English is only one of the world's languages! Google offer language translation tools, however if you invest the time the rewards may be there. This option is more relevant and effective for some products, services and markets than others.

Multi currency - if you sell something this is well worth considering. Credit cards, Moneybookers, games and casino, overseas visitors... there's many reasons to adopt this.

Syndication - have your news appear on other websites and ensure the visitor can find the source of the news.

Speed - have a fast loading website, not a slow one.

Celebrity - if possible the mention of a couple of famous celebrities can help boost the popularity of a website.

Links - links a proven way to help build website traffic and link popularity.

Research - look at other websites that are achieving top ten or first page result for example and take a closer look at the companies, they're websites.

This list does not contain every known tactic and "secret" known to mankind, however it's a practical and concise guide. Happy web surfing.

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