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25 June 2010

Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Gambles On Tennessee Lottery, by Greg Tingle - 25th June 2010

An ever increasing amount of celebrities, athletes and all matter of entities are entering the gaming and gambling arena, having learned of its resistance of the world's economic recession. Wrestling legend Ric Flair, featured in wrestling video games, has been enjoying his role of front man for Caroline lotteries and has now further expand to good old Tennessee. Media Man and Gambling911 with this body slamming report...

Ric Flair aka "The Nature Boy" continues to enjoy one crazy in his life and reads like a Hollywood script. From small time wrestling events to WrestleMania, world tours, star of videogames, and in the last few years, the spokesperson for both South Carolina and North Carolina Lotteries. Flair still wrestles out of love of the business that made him a star.

We note the wrestling with TNA Wrestling keeps him on TV, Flair and the fans enjoy the contribution, and at the same time is keeps exposure high, thus staying appealing to companies, brands (and gaming firms), looking to engage his services.

World spread to Tennessee of Flair's gift in getting the word out on Lottery ticket sales, and hence a deal was stuck, complete with another Flair YouTube hit.

The Tennessee Lottery sees Flair and his signature "Woooooo" promote the Mega Millions scratchie - instant win.

Flair also appears in 30-second TV promo and radio spots entitled "Jack Up Your Jackpots." He's shown in the gym giving a wrestling chop to a bloke and encouraging him to turn small jackpots into huge ones by playing Tennessee Mega Millions of course!

The powers that be in the business world love working with Flair and he sports praise from promoters and corporate giants the world over.

"He's an absolute delight to work with and everybody knows him," advised Rebecca Hargrove, Prez and CEO of the Tennessee Lottery. "He's a good representation of good people.

"Everything we do is geared to sell more tickets, and this ad has garnered a lot of attention."

The spots run for 3 but lottery officials have the rights to run it for a year. It's yet another YouTube viral hit for Flair, enjoying over 2,000 views in a week.

"It's gotten the response we hoped," Hargrove said.

Flair has done previous promotion work for lotteries including in North Carolina, but this promo might be his champion result.

"I thought this was a perfect fit for him" Hargrove stressed.

Flair's website proclaims him "the most decorated world champion in history." In the Tennessee spot, he screams his famous "Wooooo" four times.

"People of all ages want his autograph," Hargrove said.

Taking the chop for the lottery promo was a shirtless Michael Bradley, a local actor. The promo production is understood to have cost $110,000 to produce, but the promoter is certain they will get the money back, and sell a lot more tickets. Of course, there's going to be lucky winners also. Some small, and some bigger. Everyone's aiming for Mega Millions, not to be confused with Mega Jackpots, as found as land based casinos and Richard Branson's Virgin Casino.

Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery in which players pick five lucky numbers and then another number. It only costs $1 to play.

Knockers say its a "Tax on the dumb", but a Media Man spokesperson enthusiastically says, "If you can afford a dollar and think your lucky, even better a wrestling fan, it a no brainer. Do it to support Flair and test your luck, and you might even get jacked".

The Tennessee lottery, authorized in a statewide referendum in 2002, has raised more than $1.6 billion for education programs since it commenced in January 2004. Players have won close to $3.6 billion in prizes. Lottery tickets are available at more than 4,700 retail locations.

Flair is arguably the second most famous pro wrestler of all time, Hulk Hogan likely being #1. Hogan is also featured in wrestling video games and has his Hulk A Mania Experience slot game found in casinos. Flair and Hogan are on friendly terms and have done good business together (despite wrestling storylines saying they hate each other). Other wrestlers such as Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper, Outback Jack and Kevin Nash, once known as Vinnie Vegas, are all following the Flair and Hogan success in gaming, and some are keen to get their own deal. PartyGaming and North Sydney (Australia) based NextGen Gaming are rumoured to be working on an Andre The Giant online slot game and Media Man witnessed hard copy promos for the game last year, so something big is in the works. PartyGaming currently offers the 'Sumo' slot game. Sumo recently made headlines for wrestlers having links to mafia and doing illegal betting on matches. We expect Flair will remain in the thick of the (legal and totally above board) action.

Readers, please bet responsibly and have fun


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