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02 June 2010

Media Man Awards - May 2010

The Salvation Army Wins Media Man Charity Of The Month Award - May 2010; Please give generously when they knock

Social and Community Entrepreneur: Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest, James Packer runner up

Corporate Responsibility: Virgin Enterprises Limited (including Virgin Unite)

Cafe Of The Month: Sparrow Cafe, Bondi Beach

Burlesque Promoter: Jac Bowie Promotions

Positive Attitude: Max Markson, director, Markson Sparks!

Affiliate Program: PartyPartners

Online Casino:

Casino: Crown Casino, Melbourne Australia; Runner up: Star City

Online Poker Room:, 2nd World Poker Tour, 3rd PKR Poker

Sports Betting Website: Betfair; Runner Up: Centrebet

Entertainment Website: TMZ

Campaigner: Poker Players Alliance

Promoter: Eric Bischoff

Innovator: Ric Drasin

Game: Sinatra Slot, Runner Up; Monopoly Multiplier, 3rd Cleopatra

Sports Programme (Australia): State Of Origin (Network Nine Australia)

Athlete: Brock Lesnar

Pro Wrestler MVP: Chris Jerico, 2nd Hulk Hogan, 3rd Ric Flair

Actor (Australian): Firass Dirani

Movie: Iron-Man 2

News Website: Google News

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