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15 September 2010

Australia's Queen Of BodyPaint, MakeUp and Human Statues Invites Oprah And Other Dynamic Brave Business Leaders To Get Painted For Worthy Cause

Press Release: Australia's Queen Of BodyPaint, MakeUp and Human Statues Invites Oprah And Other Dynamic Brave Business Leaders To Get Painted For Worthy Cause (And Kicks)

In a clever, sexy and creative plan, Eva Rinaldi, considered by many to be Australia's queen of bodypaint, makeup and human statues, has kindly offered to bodypaint news media and entertainment queen bee of the world, Oprah Winfrey, now that she is to come "down under".

Not one to have her spirit and dreams deterred easily, the bodypainting goddess has also comprised a 'Wish List', which she sees more of a 'To Do' list, combining together her decade plus years in the industry and that of her in-house (and very good friend) Media Man, Greg Tingle.

The names on the list include rock gods KISS (starting with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley), maturing and gorgeous, Cher (also linked to Gene), the queen of sass, Bessie Bardot, Alice Cooper, Blondie (Deborah Harry), Tony Abbott, Austin Tayshus, king of publicity stunts and big business Richard "Virgin" Branson, and even the Media Man himself - Greg Tingle (also known for his frolicking with goddesses of Australia's burlesque and after dark scene), and loud website network.

The lucky and brave celebrated business icons will also be able to nominate their favorite worthy cause to Eva, so if your Richard Branson that likely means Virgin Unite, which is also the top pick of Eva's media man.

Before dismissing Eva's 'Wish List' and 'To Do' list, consider this:

Eva created her Human Statue BodyArt empire in the late 1990's, before there was a ready market and the bodypaint become in vogue, now tied into world famous events like the Sydney Body Art Bike Ride and World Naked Bike Ride.

Has worked with and collaborated with such as amazing talents such as Lady Gaga, Robeto Duran and Katy Perry.

Has created works for such strong brands such as Coca-Cola, Eclipse, Australasian Gaming Expo, World Vision and Sydney Opera Bar!

Eva's prior media appearances include Channel Seven 'Today', ABC News, Inner West Courier, The Glebe, The Southern Courier, The Wentworth Courier, LA Confidential, Where I Live, Radio, 2SER, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Cleo and Media Man.

Created and operates one of the world's most popular body painting websites and Facebook groups

Testimonials from the whose who, including former Australian Prime Minster John Howard.

So, Oprah, we think that your team would have noticed the dozens upon dozens of 'Eva Wants To Body Paint Oprah' Facebook fan comments by now, so the ball is in 'O's court.

Regardless of what gods and goddesses on Eva's list take up her complimentary offer, one can't dispute her enormous talent, generosity of heart and spirit, and ability to create positive buzz and stand out from the pack, be it at a children's charity event, high profile happening with a Prime Minister, or collaborating with Australia's leading photographers and entertainment icons.

For those who have yet to be amazed, tantalised and titillated by Eva's creations be sure to examine her website and colourful Facebooks @


For more information contact:

Eva Rinaldi
m: 0413 797 993

Greg Tingle
m: 0434 115 348