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09 March 2010

PartyGaming News: PDMR Shareholding

PDMR Shareholding - 5th March 2010

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Notification of Transactions of Directors, Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility or Connected Persons

In accordance with PartyGaming’s long-term incentive plans for Executive Directors, the following awards over the Company’s ordinary shares of 0.015 pence each (“Shares”) have today been granted under the PartyGaming Plc Executive Share Option Plan (“ESOP”) to the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Group Finance Director.

Jim Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, has been awarded an option over 250,000 Shares and Martin Weigold, Group Finance Director, has been awarded an option over 200,000 Shares. These options vest subject to the growth in the Company’s Clean Earnings per Share over the three-year period 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2012. The threshold for vesting, at which 25% will vest, will be 5% Clean EPS annual growth over the three-year period, rising on a straight-line basis to 100% vesting if annual Clean EPS growth equals or exceeds 15% over the period.

Each option is exercisable at 310.10 pence per Share and has been awarded at nil-cost. Unless exercised following the satisfaction of the aforementioned performance condition, these options will lapse on 5 March 2020.

This is the third award to be granted under the ESOP to Mr Ryan. The first grant was made in October 2008 over 645,100 Shares and the second award was made in April 2009 over 125,000 Shares. This is the fourth award granted under the ESOP to Mr Weigold. The first award was made in May 2007 over 88,360 Shares, the second award was made in March 2008 over 171,402 Shares and the third award was made in April 2009 over 337,500 Shares.

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