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08 August 2010

Media Man Team Cheers On City 2 Surf At Bondi Beach; Friendly Ambush Marketing - 8th August 2010

Media Man Team Cheers On City 2 Surf At Bondi Beach; Friendly Ambush Marketing

The annual City 2 Surf fun run took place today.

Celebrating its 40th year, over 80,000 runners participated in perfect Sydney weather.

The race was won by Ben St Lawrence upsetting race favourite Micheal Shelley at the post to snatch Sydney's 14km City 2 Surf run in an official time of 41:05mins.

The first woman to cross was the line was Lara Tamsett, the favourite for the race, who completed the course in just under 47 minutes.

Olympic swimming champion Grant Hackett fired the starting gun at 8.30am AEST. Hackett then joined the race after climbing down from his cherry picker perch.

Seems news media was all over the event, from ABC, SBS, 7, 9, Ten, OneHD, Fox Sports, and Bondi's own Media Man.

A bit of an ambush marketing effort dominated Bondi Beach, reminiscent of the World Cup "Buxom Barvaria Beer Babes", but a sea of giant hand-like fingers waved in the air.

Team Media Man cheered on from the finish line at Bondi Beach, represented by Greg Tingle, Su Fenn and an "undercover operative" with attention grabbing giant hands / fingers in their hands sporting a Media Man mates' company logo - Messages On Hold. The commentator on the mic roared "Wave Your Hands In The Air", and the crowd followed to cue. A number of Malcolm Turnbull and Nova96.5 flyer's and promos were also spotted.

The finish has already been broadcast on a state, national and international scale, and yes, you can see the giant hands in some of the replays. Keep an eye out for Dave "Hughsy" Hughes, regular 7PM project personality and comedian, who slaps the giant hands. Superman and Jesus were also in the mix of celebrity runners.

A Media Man spokesperson advised "Any exposure generated from us and our Messages On Hold Mate, Kym Illman, will help fuel awareness of worthy causes and campaigns we assist including GenerationOne, The Salvation Army, beyondblue, The Rough Edges, The Exodus Foundation, and Sea Shepherd. Our business model often has the effect where the more exposure, online or offline, we muster, the more business and revenue comes in, thus allowing us to keep supporting worthy social causes."

Bondi Beach based mega entrepreneur, James Packer, may be out sailing the high seas abroad, but team Media Man was out in force celebrating and participating in Bondi's most famous annual happening.

Well done to everyone involved, be it racers, medical, media, volunteers, charity, police and so it goes on.

To participate or even to attend was to win. Certainly the Sydney and Bondi Beach economy won today, and of course its all good fodder for newspapers, magazines and newspapers.

See you all there again next year champions.

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