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01 May 2010

Wrestling Legend Ric Flair Expands Gambling Deals, by Greg Tingle - 1st May 2010

Professional wrestling living legend, 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair, has expanded on his gambling and gaming deals. Enter South Carolina Education Lottery.

As Media Man and Gambling911 have long suspected, there is a cross over audience in wrestling fans and punters, be it lottery, poker, casino, online and offline. We've also noticed an increase in PKR (3D) poker advertising on a number of Wrestling News Media and sports car - lifestyle websites, but that's another story. Flair didn't miss long time nemesis Hulk Hogan doing business with a Native American tribe via The Hulk-a-Mania Experience slot machine, but Flair's opted for "softer" gambling (thus far) via being a face of lottery tickets in the Carolina's.

Flair took a life gamble some 30 years ago when when his bleached his hair blond an transformed his image into a somewhat modern 'Gorgeous George' inspired character, known for his jet flying, limousine riding, wheelin', dealing, son of a gun antics. Flair became the thinking man's wrestler, and quite the entrepreneur in the process.

His biggest wrestling related pay days came around the time of his signing with World Wrestling Entertainment and 1991, soon after having his first match with Hulk Hogan. Today Flair still wrestles the occasional match against Hogan and his mates in WWE rival, TNA Wrestling, but Flair remains on the lookout for worthwhile business deals to help maintain his lifestyle and fuel his considerable expense account which experienced an increase with family matters and the like.

'The Man' is one of Charlotte’s best-known celebs, and one of the world's most famous wrestlers, will be showcased on 'Woooooo!' South Carolina Education Lottery tickets, kicking off next week.

Flair will be in the think of the action with the $5 scratch-off ticket, starting Monday, according to Flair management and of the South Carolina Lottery.

Some six months ago Flair fronted that $5 scratch-off lottery ticket in North Carolina. The Flair tickets were among the state’s best-selling lottery items. The ticket sale was pushed along by television commercials featuring Flair, which later became a bit of a viral hit on the YouTube website portal via Media Man creation American Gaming News.

Paula Harper Bethea, executive director of the South Carolina Education Lottery, said Flair will also help promote the ticket sales in the Palmetto State.

"We look forward to hosting Ric Flair in South Carolina at various events and anticipate an increase in ticket sales to generate more funds for education," Bethea said.

She also advised he is scheduled to appear on behalf of the lottery on 8th May at NASCAR’s Southern 500 racing mega event in Darlington; and again June 5 at the Sun Fun Festival in Myrtle Beach.

The South Carolina Education Lottery (SCEL) began in 2002. South Carolina is a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), best known for Powerball. Like most US lotteries, on January 31, 2010, it participated in the cross-sell lottery expansion, adding Mega Millions.

Pro Wrestlers Connection

Other pro wrestlers who have an interest to get involved in gaming of the gambling variety include Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Snuka and Piper also already in a number of traditional video games. Kevin "Big Sexy" Nash from TNA and NWO fame has some gambling links on his official website. Rumors persist of PartyGaming and / or Australia's NextGen Gaming developing an Andre The Giant online slot game, which would be certain to be a hit with punters down under in Australia, and around the world. Andre toured Australia a number of times including in the 70s and later in the mid 80's with the then World Wrestling Federation.

Punters, into wrestling? Check out the Media Man website network... interviews, articles, profiles et al of many of the world's greatest and most colourful wrestling stars. No pro wrestling slot games... the closest is The Incredible Hulk online slot. Hogan came to terms with Marvel Entertainment a couple of decades ago to the turn of a few million dollars. Captain Cooks Casino is understood to have a 'My Slot' game which can be customized, so if you want to incorporate pro wrestling stars, you can. All we have to say is have fun and Woooooo!

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